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The “Marie” Haute Couture short blue dress with straps features blue feather details from the shoulder, thighs to the bottom.


Wet hair look or classy bun, it doesn’t matter, because with this strapless blue dress for party every hairstyle goes! If you’re a fan of strapless dresses, then this short blue dress is for you! A dress with blue feathers? Since this short blue dress is short, the feathers would complete the look perfectly. This short blue dress can be worn to various events, such as high-end events, since it features feathers on the shoulders and on both sides of the thighs, as well as handmade details that are featured all over the dress. but also at parties & cocktails, prom night or any other special occasion you may have. Whatever event you’re about to attend, in this blue dress with feathers on shoulders you’ll look like a movie star! In the world of advertising and fashion, the color blue is seen as a soothing and vibrant color and usually symbolizes authority, strength, and the expression of femininity in women. That’s why, for blue lovers, we’re suggesting this strapless blue dress for party!

in this short blue dress, you’ll look like a movie star!

Feathers are back? Yeah, and they are so on trend for 2022, and literally you can see them everywhere, which is not a coincidence, because they go so well with almost everything. Feathers were also used a lot in the 70’s and they really had a huge impact on fashion. Being inspired by those fancy movie stars can result in looking magical! For those who love 70’s fashion and are always on track with the latest trends, a dress with blue feathers is a must!

In case you missed the memo, a dress with blue feathers is a must for summer!


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