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  • Haute Couture red pleated dress

  • Wrapped on the neck

  • Bust O shape silver rhinestone & Waist chain silver rhinestones


Nothing else, but a short RED dress


A lot of women tend to plan everything months and months ahead (especially Virgos, hahh), and some don’t plan but still search from time to time. It doesn’t matter which group you belong to, as long as you’re choosing the right dress!

You may be asking, but how do I pick the right dress for me? Nothing else but a RED pleated dress. We’re recommending our ‘Ludus’ red pleated dress which it’s a standout pick! Keep the accessories simple since this short red dress for cocktails already makes you bling with those standout silver rhinestones!




Red, short, pleated,silver rhinestones… should we go on? This red pleated dress has it all. If you’re planning to go out for V-Day (and even if you’re not), you should own a red dress for Valentine’s Day, that puts you out of situations every time!

This dress with silver rhinestone detail also makes it a perfect short red dress for cocktails! Just make sure to style it up with a cute little clutch!

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