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The “Emery” short mint dress features one long sleeve, beaded on the bust, which is the special feature of this draped mint dress, while the first part of the dresses is ruffled.


Mint green has emerged as the star of the show, especially in the summer season. It gives a cool, relaxing, but also modern vibe, and you can easily rock it any way. That’s why we suggest this draped mint dress; it’s so in fashion and if you don’t get in on the trend, you’ll definitely be missing out! This spring, get ready to sparkle with a mint dress with one sleeve that easily way to elevate your party wear? And to be honest, glitter-colored dresses, can bring some shimmer to that Friday night thing. So you’ll need a dress that will make you stand out, definitely something like a blue mint dress with sequin bust. But it’s so imporant when going out for a party or special occasion to also feel good. When you’re not a movie star, it’s more likely you’ll be layering an outfit and one piece will be sequined.


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