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The “Carmella” short black Haute Couture dress, beaded on the bust, underneath sequins, with a black long sequin tail.

A Haute Couture dress is a one-of-a-kind work of art. As is this “Carmella” short dress with black sequins and beads that totally blows your mind and proves the theory “Details make the difference” right. The black beads on the bust are more shown off, if we can say “outer beads” are what give the dress that royal look.

A lot of women are in doubt when choosing a dress, especially when it comes to the length of the dress. So why not choose a beaded dress with both features as a smart and unique choice?

high-value event or any special occasion? We have a solution for you so that you can look amazing and all the attention will be drawn to you with the “Carmella” dress with back sequin tail. Black is always a safe and elegant choice, so the “Carmella” short dress with long tail is your choice. You can also go and check out other black Haute Couture dresses, which are made exclusively in detail.


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