Taylor Swift reminded all of us that she has been dressing for revenge lately. And I know you already have someone in mind right now to prove them wrong. I mean, everybody has! And that's quite a reason to dress for revenge!

When we "talk revenge," the lovely image of Lady Diana in her little black dress comes to mind instantly. Some say the best "revenge" is success. Absolutely true, but this time we're thinking otherwise. But how can "revenge" be executed quickly and easily? 

The answer is short and simple: A Short Green Dress

But not just a short green dress, The "Austine" dress is a unique closet staple, detailed with fringes, stones, and beads so no one can even find something that is missing.

Let's not forget the golden rule, as the mastermind Taylor Swift reminded us once again:

  ‘’Draw the cat eye 
sharp enough to kill a man’’


It doesn't matter if you decide to do the cat eye or not; always make sure to combine the makeup appropriately with the look. By applying the unwritten rule: If the eyes are larger, the lips are smaller, and vice versa.

Taylor Swift has inspired us all, even when it comes to fashion. One of her songs, "Bejeweled," talks about how being too kind and not putting yourself first takes you nowhere! (Putting someone first only works when you're in their top five).

But, before we get into the fashion advice, take a look at these lyrics: 

‘’Best believe I’m still bejeweled when I walk in the room
I can still make the whole place shimmer’’

And I miss you (I MISS YOU),
Diamonds in my eyes, I polish up real, I polish up real nice (nice)


"What a girl gonna do?" "A diamond must shine." If you've been looking for a bejeweled dress, you're in the right place, girl. I don't know if it is the same for you, but for me personally, while wearing a bejeweled dress, I feel empowered; the small pieces of beads and stones complete the overall look. So our latest 'STATE OF BLISS' Fall Couture is bejeweled from head to toe with unique styles and fall colors for every woman.

But we have a dress in mind. specifically Our "Maya" one-shoulder gray dress is made with our "secret sauce," which is a mix of small stones, beads, and fringes, as well as crystals for the icing on the cake. 

If you’re into sets, our ‘Exquisito’ baby blue strapless dress makes a great "bejeweled" fit. Check the tiktok video here:  


Taylor really has thought of every single thing; that woman is really a genius. All of her "Midnights" songs are about something, but "Mastermind" is my personal favorite. People all over Tik-tok are making videos telling how they "masterminded" their way into someone’s life. (Even guys are doing this.)

If you haven’t listened to the song, you really need to see the lyrics to understand it even more:

  What If told you none of it was accidental?
and the first night that you saw me
nothing was gonna stop me
I laid the groundwork, and then
just like clockwork
the dominoes cascaded in a line

What If I told you I’m a mastermind?
And now you’re mineIt was all by design
‘Cause I’m a mastermind
You see all the wisest women
Had to do it this way
Cause we were born to be the pawn in every lovers game


You might be wondering how I can do that? How can I mastermind my way into that handsome man's life that I met accidentally at the mall or through any social media platforms? First step: stalking (which you probably have done it by now); second: attending a party at a place he frequently goes; finding his interests and hobbies; and posting about them. But all these tips "come down" if you’re not taking care of yourself. Men notice details, even if they don't appear to be significant. Aside from global researches and surveys, it is common knowledge that vibrant colors are the ultimate attention getters. But if you do not enter this "vibrant group club," you should consider our "Nara" handmade hanging crystal dress. So there’s no better way to do that while looking as good as possible.

So there’s no better way to do that while looking as good as possible. Specifically in semi-sweetheart-cut dresses like our "Audrey," which is detailed with crystals, stones, and beads.

Everything is connected, even "Maroon," track number 2, and so is ''Red''. But she has mentioned multiple shades besides red. She matches them with perfect descriptions that have meaning and convey emotion. Since with Taylor everything makes sense, we wanted to make sense even when it comes to fashion recommendations related to the song "Maroon."

   So scarlet, it was MAROON. 

As a result, the Audrey dress with cut-outs at the waist tops the list. The men were not forgotten either. You must have exhausted your "lover" by listening to the "Midnights" album over and over but since the holiday season is near, a three piece burgundy set for men suitable for any occasion would make an ideal holiday gift.

We're not finished yet! If you're into scarlet (or bright red), our "Regina" short red strapless dress makes the perfect fit, especially when you want that main character moment. (Which means you will have it if you choose to wear this little red dress.) From burgundy, scarlett (brightly red), wine, maroon to rust. There are plenty of shades and choices that match your style. You can see which colors you prefer here.

If you're not into green, there's always a little black dress, and nothing says "ultimate revenge dress" like black. With black, you don’t have to worry if you made the right choice or not. Besides color, which we already know plays a huge role in the whole look, it’s important to know if the dress is also appropriate for the season. With tons of unique designs, we’re recommending our "Kate" long velvet black dress which is appropriate for these "cold days." especially if you’re pretending to attend a fall or winter wedding.

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