Summer is known for wedding celebrations, but it’s a whole different thing to attend a fall wedding. Not all couples prefer to say their vows by the sea as the sun sets; some opt for cooler autumn days as a very special season for their wedding! As much as it amazes us, we already have a lot of questions in our mind when it comes to finding the right fall wedding dress. What do you wear to a wedding in October? Is it appropriate to wear a black dress to a wedding? What should a guest wear to a fall wedding? What colors are you not supposed to wear to a wedding? What color is appropriate to wear to a fall wedding? Autumn colors have such rich and diverse tones, so when it comes to the right fall wedding guest dresses, we are not at all left behind.

Below are some of our fall wedding guest dress recommendations that’ll get you through the season!



You'll want to stay warm while posing for photos outside in the autumn breeze, but it won't be freezing, especially when you're on the dance floor, so how do you strike the perfect balance?You have to make sure in advance where the wedding or the occasion you’re about to attend is held, since this influences the choice of the dress.

Long sleeve dresses or high neckline dresses in warmer fabrics like velvet are ideal for outdoor weddings (to deal with the chilly temperatures in style).The situation is eased a bit if the event is held indoors. For church weddings, a long-sleeved shirt or a dress that covers your shoulders would be appropriate enough. You’ll have the chance to wear that summer dress left in your drawer.


Every time, FALLing for BLACK

Is it appropriate to wear a black dress to a wedding? With a full mouth, yes. It may look awkward to wear black at a wedding, but nowadays the rules about colors have changed. You may have seen a lot of bridesmaids wearing black, and they totally rocked it. So if you’re planning to wear black to a wedding in October, go ahead! Just make sure the dress fits the code!



A timeless classic, the LBD is a closet staple that you can rewear for many fall nuptials. And our "Estella" has the right fit, along with sophisticated long sleeves that won’t let you feel a single bit of cold (for those who are planning to attend an outdoor wedding). The transparent overbust part covered with black rhinestones shows your sensual side while staying elegant and conservative.

If you can't get your mind off black, you can check out the other black long-sleeve wedding guest dresses for fall here.



For an outdoor wedding, you probably need a pair of shoes that won’t sink into the grass! You wouldn’t want to get irritated every time your shoes sink into the mud or grass. You don’t have to worry after all; we’ve thought of everything, yes, even the smallest detail.

Glamorous espadrille platform heel sandals are a great choice for an outdoor wedding since their platform is made of woven detailing. better than a pair of stilettos, right? And if a pair of glamorous classic pumps crossed your mind, You should totally go for it. No matter what type of shoes you prefer, just make sure you choose something that is comfortable, beautiful, and elegant.




If the wedding will be held in the later months of the year (such as an October or November wedding), you'll need something to keep warm, so make sure to bring yourself a shawl or a wrap.




If you were skeptical about the black dresses, remove the white ones from your mind altogether. White is an absolute no-no and should only be worn by the bride.


One of the main colors of fall is red, with its many shades and the picturesque leaves that amaze us every time autumn comes. So if you've been thinking of wearing "the color of love" at a wedding, Just make sure the bride approves. We mentioned earlier that wearing white is a huge no. In this "no groupier that wearing white is a huge no. In this "no group," also, cream and ivory are included. But when it comes to red?

Red may be a controversial color when it comes to what to wear at a wedding, and a lot of people are confused since red is known as a vibrant color that attracts attention.

However, if wearing red is "stuck" on your mind, make sure you choose deeper shades of red, appropriate enough for a wedding! And those of you who feel unsure, reach out and ask the bride and the groom if they’re okay with wearing red at their wedding!


FALL in love with red over and over again

It's the long sleeves, front slit, and bold folds for me! All these details together, and you'll get our "Beatrice" made for fall wedding guest dresses, which also come in three different colors: navy, light blue, and a lovely soft pink.

Would you prefer a different color gown for an October wedding? You can check them out here.



They FALLed for each other, so you could have some fun in a dazzling gown, until you FAll too.




MINNA TIP: Afraid of catching a cold? Well, it’s better to be safe than sorry, as the fall weather often surprises us. Fortunately, a pair of thin leggings is light enough to fit into a clutch for added warmth.




Earth tones work for every skin tone, as do neutral colors, which include black, white, brown, tan, beige, taupe, gray, and cream. If you prefer one-shoulder dresses that fall under the asymmetrical style, then this is the dress to wear to a November wedding to which you've been invited. And you definitely win the best-dressed fall wedding guest award... (After the bride and groom, duh!)

Find our other neutral fall wedding outfits for the current wedding season in September, October, and November here!



It doesn't get much more autumnal than a nude-hued dress with one sleeve. This breathtaking handmade dress will make you look stunning for both indoor and outdoor weddings!

And the best-dressed fall wedding guest award goes to... (After the bride and groom, of course!)



Doesn’t this look scream fall wedding?

This handmade dress has it all: long, sophisticated sleeves, gold floral leaf embellishments, and a unique underbust design that emphasizes your figure. High-neckline dresses are chic and still conservative enough to be worn safely for any fall outdoor wedding, from a beach to a backyard or garden.


Like this long-sleeve wedding guest dress for fall but prefer it longer? We hear ya. Check out the longer version here.


And with the right FALL wedding outfit, all attention will FALL on you.

Show-stopping, one-of-a-kind, duchess-esque, glamorous, front tail, ruffled shoulders... should we continue? This fancy dark green gown is stylish and seasonally appropriate for a fall wedding. 



It’s not a black-tie wedding, and that means your wedding attire is more relaxed. You’re not obligated to wear floor-length dresses, and you can also choose short dresses.


Choose a dress that everyone will say, "Where did she get that?"




Which style of dress, besides making you feel elegant, beautiful, and glamorous, keeps you warm too? And you know it's about velvet dresses. And you'll look stunning in one of our best fall wedding guest dresses against the backdrop of a gorgeous fall sunset.


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