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Collection: Evening Dresses for Weddings

Wedding evening parties aren’t just for the extended celebration but also an opportunity for guests to bring their A-game in outfit selection. For the enchanting after-party, Minna Fashion offers a collection of wedding evening dresses featuring high-end couture, exotic fabrics, and breathtaking designs.


Each dress is a unique ensemble, carefully handmade with the fashionista in mind. Regardless of where the party is going down, these dresses are the perfect way to wrap up the big day’s festivities in style. Check out the gorgeous collection below.

Try Our Irresistible Evening Dresses for Weddings

Finding a wedding evening dress has never been exciting. Minna’s irresistible and fanciful wedding evening dresses come with several options for every bride. You can find anything from frilly frocks, and exotic silhouettes to minimalist clean-cuts designed to let the wearer shine through with maximum comfort. 

Majestic Allure of Feather Dresses

Few styles set the celebratory mood in any party like feather dresses do. Make that grand entrance and be ready to receive compliments for your unmatched beauty. Whether you choose to adorn a maxi or a mini, feather evening dresses for weddings are sure to steal the spotlight and let you shine.

Fluttery of One-Shoulder Delight

Our designers relentlessly deliver high-end evening dresses for weddings, intricately hand-sewn to make you feel good. The fabrics used here are nothing short of posh and fine, chosen to deliver quality beauty and an exotic feel. The designs feature delicate laces, sequins, and feather dresses, all promising to offer you a delightful experience.

Luxurious Sequins & Lace

The beauty of sequins is that they are luxurious without compromising on comfort. The sequins in these evening dresses for weddings feature more than just black and champagne. The colors in our sequin dresses collection are simply a show-stopper. They not only turn heads but will ensure that you sparkle luxuriously throughout the evening.

Enhanced Beauty with Opulent Hues

Luxurious colors are a great way to stand out and look stunning. If you are the bride, nothing is holding you back from ditching traditional white for a luxurious color. Stay closer to white with our exotic metallic hues in this collection. For the party animal, the bold florals and vibrant reds and pinks are the perfect dance floor combination.

Graceful Glow of Short Dresses

After a long day in a long-length gown, the evening party is your chance to breathe a little. The short dresses in this collection will allow you to show some leg graciously. The options here are also stylishly breathtaking, handcrafted to make you stand out. From the strapless mini dresses to the shimmery crystal details and the classic chic little white dress, these irresistible evening dresses for weddings are nothing short of glamorous.

The Sweetheart Neckline

A sweetheart neckline is one of the best ways to crown a day of love for the daring girl who is not afraid to show off her upper body. Embrace your femininity, drawing attention to your neck and bust stylishly with our handcrafted sweetheart neckline evening dresses. 

Choosing the Perfect Evening Dresses for Weddings

Finding the perfect evening dress for a wedding is no different from finding the perfect dance partner. For an eventful night of partying and dancing, you want an outfit that makes a statement and doesn’t throw you off the dance floor.

When browsing through our wedding evening dresses, think about your personal style and body type. Your dress selection should harmonize with your fashion taste and comfort.

Whether the party is at a beachfront, garden, or bar, your outfit should align with the vibe of the venue as well as the weather. The dresses in this collection feature many options to match the formalness of the evening party to the weather.

The wedding evening dresses in this collection will give you that dazzling and glamorous appeal with little effort. Just do little accessorizing, keep the makeup minimal, let your hair down and allow the dress to do the work for you.

The bottom line: each dress here is perfect for an unforgettable evening, whether celebrating your huge milestone or your friend’s. So, browse our catalog and find yours now!


1. How early should I order my wedding evening dress?

Our dresses are available to order online at any time. We recommend that you start shopping for your wedding evening dress at the same time as your wedding gown. Preferably, start well in advance to factor in shipping and any alterations that you may need. Keep in mind that shipping duration depends on where you want the dress shipped to.

2. Can I find an evening dress for my wedding theme?

Yes, you can. Our evening dresses for weddings vary in design, fabrics and colors. They are designed to cater for different wedding evening party themes for both indoors and outdoors setups.

3. Which sizes are available for your evening dresses for weddings?

Minna Fashion caters to clients of all sizes. You can be sure to find evening dresses for weddings for you and your bridesmaids. Moreover, you can have the dresses altered to your perfect fit if need be. Contact the customer care team with the preferred sizes for more help.

4. Can you ship my dress to where I am?

Yes, we will ship your dress to where you are across the globe. We offer reliable international shipping for all our items. The time you receive your dress depends on where you are located.