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The ‘Tia Haute Couture short blue sequin dress features one shoulder, neck draped detail.


ELEVATE YOUR LOOK in a short blue sequin dress


A lot of special gatherings this summer and if you haven’t found yet your go to dress, we got your back! We have plenty of options, but we recommend this short blue sequin dress that’s the right fit for the summer, with the perfect blue color.

How do accessorize this blue sequin one shoulder dress?
You can elevate this blue dress with neck draped detail quickly and fast with these simple tips:
Shoes: You can change your entire look, and wearing this short blue dress for a party means a pair of special shoes, are needed! Whenever you go for strappy heels, peep toes, or pumps.
Jewelry: Since this sequin blue dress for a cocktail is already a statement we suggest wearing a few other adornments, and not overdoing it!
Handbag: Expect that is necessary, it is the accessory that is needed to complete the look. You should keep in mind that the clutch should complement this sequin blue dress for a cocktail.

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