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The “Lucie” Haute Couture short pink dress features pink lace sequins, pink beads on one side of the bust, and a folded stripe from the bust to the shoulder.

For those who want to show off their perfect feminine figure at various events, a short pink dress does that in an elegant way. When choosing a dress, color matters a lot. If you’re into brighter colors, we suggest this dress with pink lace sequin, but the advantage of this short pink dress is that the color is of a lighter tone and is also suitable for those who prefer lighter colors.

What’s great for the summer? A dress with pink lace sequin!

How to combine this pink dress with folded stripe?

We suggest wearing a pair of white heels or sandals, which will perk up a pink dress for any occasion! Or you can add gray to combine with this pink draped dress for understated elegance! When we’re thinking about which dress shapes our form completely, what comes to mind are tight dresses, so you’ll look amazing in this pink dress with folded stripe. The “Lucie” Haute Couture dress with pink lace sequin is not just a pink draped dress for party; it can also be worn to grab the crown for prom night, or to wear for that birthday glam. In one word, it is a perfect choice dress for multiple occasions.

In case you missed the memo, a short pink dress is for any occasion!


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