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The “Jess” Haute Couture long pink fitted dress features a sequin stripe at the bust and underbust sequins, which are the special features of this long pink dress.


Choosing a dress for that special occasion is a lot of pressure. Starting from the length of the dress, short or long? If you’re going to a more formal event, we suggest a long pink dress that makes you look elegant. When we’re talking about the color of the dress, choosing a vibrant color is a bold choice. That’s why this long pink dress is a must-have to add to your wardrobe. We can customize this dress with silver underbust sequins in another shade of pink.

Blush pink dresses or pale pink dresses would be gorgeous when paired with a pair of light grey shoes or silver shoes. Carnation pink (or the classic pink color) would go really well with nude, gold, blush, brown, and white. Always looking for those details that really complete the whole dress? No matter where the details are placed in the dress, especially if they are in silver, choose a dress with silver underbust sequin you’ll never go wrong. We guarantee that since this pink dress with silver stripe detail really makes a difference.

High value event? engagement? Prom night? Whatever event you attend, the attention will definitely be drawn to you with this long pink dress!

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