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The “Houla” Haute Couture short sequin dress features long sleeves that expand at the bottom, a V-shaped bust, and the sequins on the dress are shaped into horizontal stripes.

When we’re talking about glitter, what comes to mind are sequins. There are plenty of dresses in different shapes and colors, but choosing the right one is a lot of pressure. I know. If you’re about to attend a black-and-white collar event, this dress with long puffy sleeves at the bottom totally gives that sophisticated look. If you’re going to a party or as a wedding guest, this V-shaped dress is appropriate too and gives that sexy, feminine look.

Are you ready for some short sequin dress? For those who dare, we suggest this short gray and sequins dress that is sure to catch everyone’s eye!

Go all-out with a shiny short dress that is sure to catch everyone’s eye! This dress with long puffy sleeves at the bottom adds sophistication with an edge of sexy to your V-shaped dress. To avoid going overboard with your final look, make sure you balance it out by wearing zero or minimal accessories and soft neutral makeup. Let your outfit do all the talking! When you go for sequins, go for colorful sequins, like this short gray and sequins dress to look as unique as you are.

Girls just wanna fun! For those who love a full look that brings out confidence, this V shaped dress is for you. You can combine this short sequin dress with more modest accessories since this short sequin dress is all made of glitter! When going for a full glam look, it’s important to keep that elegance, and definitely this sequin dress with long sleeves adds it!


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