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The “Gabrielle” Haute Couture short gold dress features a full neck, nude floor-length shoulders, and is all covered in unique gold sequins, rhinestones, and rhinestones, which are the special features of this gold beaded dress.


Dress like you’re already the queen with this short gold dress that is all handmade and will make you feel like you’re already dancing in those royal halls. This gold handmade dress features puffy shoulders that are floor length and create a good balance with this gold beaded dress. We totally suggest the “Gabrielle” short dress with puffy shoulder so you can totally feel and look ROYAL! Because this gold dress with full neck is so high-maintenance, you should save it for the most important event, so when entering the event, all participants will be left speechless. But if you’re the type that’s not afraid, you can wear this dress with royal look on other special occasions too. And don’t forget to take the perfect photos for your Instagram feed with this gold beaded dress.

Since this short gold dress with long sleeve is straight-fitted, it would shape your curves and flatter the feminine figure as we mentioned above. This long dress with puffy shoulders also features a full neck that makes you look sophisticated, and high neck dresses are always in high demand.

Glamorous, royal, and unique are three words that describe this short gold dress perfectly! (despite the fact that no words can adequately describe this dress with royal look)


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