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The “Annabelle” strapless mint dress features unique waist details on both sides, a bust cutout, and it’s all covered in sequins, which are the special feature of this handmade dress.


What is a handmade dress without sparkles? This short mint dress with sequin details speaks loudly. Happy Days and a Party! A short mint dress for the party it will make you draw all the attention to yourself since it has features like the short length and sequins that are suitable for parties and cocktail events. But if you’re going to attend a black-tie event, this mint dress with thighs detail is also suitable because of its unique waist details on both sides.

MAGICAL MINT! Some of the few words that describe this marvelous short dress with cutout on the bust that shows skin off in an elegant way! For those who want to show skin off in an elegant way, we suggest wearing a strapless mint dress that really never goes out of style! We’re all aware of the magic of a handmade dress, which is why we suggest this short mint dress with sequin details, so that no matter where you wear it, a difference will definitely be made! A strapless mint dress? A handmade dress? It doesn’t matter; all that matters is a dress that also makes you feel good and comfortable, which is very important because it will reflect on the outside too. When buying a handmade dress, a lot of women look for something that they can reuse, so this strapless mint dress can be reworn for multiple events because of it’s unique features.

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