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The “Allira” short yellow dress features a unique open shaped bust, gold and yellow sequins and beads on the bust to one side of the thighs, while the bottom of the dress also features a sequin slit.


Do you love yellow? Who Doesn’t? Because it’s a really significant color, no matter what the season is, and it just really puts you and others around you in the happiest of moods. That’s why we suggest this short yellow dress which expect will make you look sexy but also make you look elegant and unique too!

An illuminating yellow? Yeah you heard that right. It’s so on trend, officially the spring trend color of 2022, so choosing a dress that has the biggest colors of the season such as this yellow dress with v shaped bust, of course, is a unique yet fashionable choice. But it’s not all just fashion, right? Because when choosing a dress, it’s so important that the dress shapes your feminine figure as best as possible. That’s why we suggest this dress with a v shaped bust that is all made of yellow and gold sequins. Okay, you chose an extremly flattering short yellow dress to wear, but we almost forgot the details. One things we never forget is how important they are and how they complete the whole look, and this dress with ruffled on the bottom that has a sequin slit is totally a must! This gorgeous yellow dress with sequin on the bust can be won to various events such as parties and cocktails, which is very suitable since it’s short in length and has sequins. Yay! However, it’s also a perfect wedding guest dress, no matter where you wear this yellow dress with sequins on the bust, one thing is sure you’ll rock it!

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