6 Creative Ideas for Prom Makeup with Red Dress

6 Creative Ideas for Prom Makeup with Red Dress

6 Creative Ideas for Prom Makeup with Red Dress

Imagine you’re wearing a gorgeous red dress and stiletto heels. If you've been trying to find the best prom makeup with red dress, you can join hundreds of other girls struggling with the same thing. Should you go bold, subtle, or somewhere in between? Well, it depends! There’s no universal rule for rocking a red dress, but we’ve brought some tips to help nail the look.

Tips to Remember Before Rocking a Red Dress

Before we get into actual ideas, let’s get some basic prom makeup tips out of the way.

If you prefer highlighting your eyes, use nude or lighter lipstick shades and tinted lip glosses. This will create a balanced look that will not take the spotlight from your red dress. To attract attention to your lips, use striking red lipstick.

For a stylish and subtle appearance, always consider nude makeup with your red dress. To avoid looking too made-up, go for a tinted moisturizer or a light, natural foundation. This will help maintain your fresh appearance, making your dress stand out. 

6 Red Dress Makeup Prom Ideas to Try

If you’re willing to experiment a bit more with your looks, check out these makeup ideas that go perfectly well with both long and short prom dresses.

1. Classic Hollywood Glam

marilyn monroe in front of a white and red stripped background

Many girls who wear red dresses to prom like to go for the classic Hollywood look with a bold red lip and winged eyeliner. For this style, you can start with a matte foundation and then apply a rich red lipstick that matches your dress. Then, use a black liquid eyeliner to create a sharp wing on your eyelids for a dramatic effect. 


For a subtle glow, keep your eyeshadow neutral with soft browns or beige tones. Finally, finish with a bit of highlighter on your cheekbones. This style is perfect for exuding confidence and sophistication, which is exactly what red dress prom makeup should do.

2. Metallic Magic

Zendaya wearing a red dress

If you have more of a modern and edgy vibe, you can use metallics in your red dress prom makeup. We suggest starting with gold or silver eyeshadow paired perfectly with nude lipstick. This will give you a striking look that keeps the focus on your eyes. 

You can then use a metallic highlighter to add extra shine. Highlight your cheekbones, brow bones, and the bridge of your nose. This metallic style goes beautifully with red dresses, ensuring you stand out all night.

3. Warm & Golden Hues

Some girls do like to have golden tones or shimmers on their skin to exude warmness and sophistication, and we love it! You can start off by using a warm-toned foundation to get the sun-kissed base. Golden eyeshadow on the eyelids; use a darker bronze shade in the crease to add depth. 


Make sure to contour your face with warm-toned bronzer. And of course, a glossy nude or gold-infused lipstick. Highlight your cheekbones, nose, and cupid's bow with a golden highlighter. This radiant, lush make-up is best when the girl is dressed flamboyantly in a regal red, and you shall be shining like a goddess.

4. Monochromatic Marvel
girl with white hair and rosy cheeks and blue eyes

If you are one of those who likes to be really bold and create designs with different colors like red or orange, you can go ahead and use a monochromatic palette. For instance, you can apply red or pink to your eyeshadow, cheek, and lips. 

Apply deep red eyeshadow to your lids and then blend in for a smoky effect. Follow with a rosy blush, and complete with a bold lipstick on your lips to match your prom dress. This creates a harmonized and polished look that is fashionable and elegant, giving the right impression.

5. Ethereal Glow

Now, picture this: ethereal glow makeup. Begin with the dewy foundation to really set the luminous, fresh base. Footlight through the lids with faintly pink or peach shades of eyeshadows. Apply light peach or pink lip gloss to keep the lips looking natural and radiant. 

Use a pearlescent illuminator on your cheekbones, brow bones, and the bridge of your nose. That is how you achieve the perfect look for a flowing, romantic red dress.

6. Simple Accentuation 

A key to looking great in a red dress is to avoid heavy makeup. Too much bold color can make you appear overdone and cheap, while no makeup at all can leave you looking washed out. Instead, focus on highlighting either your eyes or lips to achieve a classic, elegant look.


For a trendy option, try the bitten lips makeup style with your red dress. This captivating look, popularized by Korean beauty trends, creates a gradient effect with the color fading from the center of your lips outward. Keep reading to learn how to achieve this look.

Red Prom Dresses to Inspire You

If you’re still searching for the perfect prom dress or are simply looking for more inspiration, here are three stunning options from Minna’s prom dress collection

Dai Dress

The gorgeous Dai dress can be best complemented with an ethereal glow makeup look. It is a stunning, strapless evening gown featuring a vibrant and colorful bodice. 

The bodice is adorned with an array of gemstones in various sizes, forming an intricate mosaic pattern. These gemstones are arranged tightly, creating a corset-like appearance that contrasts beautifully with the sleek fabric of the skirt.

Marta Dress

girl with long black hair wearing marta dress by minna fashion a red dress knit-like material with red roses along the bossom

A red dress makes a striking and memorable choice for prom, and our own Marta exudes confidence and elegance. This classic color, often linked to passion and sophistication, can be styled to suit your special night perfectly. 

When planning your red dress prom makeup, consider adding statement jewelry or accessories for a touch of glamour. The Marta dress will surely be the star ensemble, helping you put together a stunning appearance.

Irsida Dress

red dress with slit on on leg

The Irsida dress is a stunning choice for prom, blending vintage charm with modern style. Made from soft velvet, it features an off-the-shoulder neckline highlighting your collarbone, with large bows on each arm for added flair. 

Long gloves complete the look with a hint of old-fashioned glamour. This red dress is perfect for making a grand entrance at prom. Pair it with the right prom makeup with a red dress to complete your stunning look.


A red dress can undoubtedly cast its spell. However, when you wear one, you have to be careful with your prom makeup look. However, by following the tips outlined in this guide and finding the right dress for your body type, you will surely be the star of the night. If you still haven’t found the perfect one, check out our Rouge Rhapsody collection and find your fit. 


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