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The “Zoe” Haute Couture long blue dress features unique shape lace sequins and blue rhinestones from the neck to the waist, and a long shoulder cape.

Who doesn’t love a long blue dress, they just give you that feeling on the summer time next to ocean. For those who prefer to wear a dress that’s unique and do special, but at the same time that makes them look elegant we suggest this blue dress with unique design. We all know details complete the whole dress, but if you prefer a dress that’s all handmade we understand you, because it’s all about the details, it isn’t ? like our “Veronica” blue dress with neck details.

this long blue dress that is straight fitted totally flatters feminine figure

Not a fan of strapless dresses? You have to opt for dresses with stripes, or long sleeve dresses, but if you want a detailed dress with neck details, you should totally check this blue floor length dress that matches your choice but at the same time looks elegant. If you’re about to attend to that more formal event, and you have decided yet what to wear. We got you with this long blue dress that is straight fitted that totally flatters feminine figure, appropriate because it’s long length and the sequins details that are featured all over the dress. Also suitable for prom night, or birthday glam, but whenever event you’re about to attend one thing is sure with this blue dress with side tail you’ll look amazing!

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