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The “Tessa” Haute Couture long pink dress features leaf detail on the bust and neck, with pearls all over the dress and pink rhinestones on the bottom of the dress.


“Pearls are always appropriate.” It’s true, no matter what kind of pearls you wear, as accessories or otherwise. It’s interesting, isn’t it? They truly match everything. We’re used to seeing people wearing pearl necklaces or pearl bags, but having pearls in a dress is another story. Making women feel fearless in our dresses is our thing, so we created this fit dress with pearl leaf beads details to fulfill that powerful feeling. Okay, pearls. We got those, but a little touch of brilliance would not be bad, right? That’s why we suggest this unique, straight fitted dress with pink rhinestones.

For those who want to show off their perfect feminine figure at various events, a strapless dress for high value event would not only show off the arms in an extraordinary way, but it would also be something very special. When choosing a dress, color matters a lot. If you’re into brighter colors, we suggest this pink beaded dress, but the advantage of this long pink dress is that the color is of a lighter tone and is also suitable for those who prefer lighter colors.

When we’re thinking about which dress shapes our form completely, what comes to mind are tight dresses, so you’ll look amazing in this straight fitted dress with pink rhinestones. The “Tessa” Haute Couture long pink dress is a perfect choice for any special occcasion.


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