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The “Esmeralda” Haute Couture strapless short green dress is made of stones, beads, and fringes at the bottom of the dress, which are the special feature of this emerald green dress.


Everything about this strapless short green dress is handcrafted from start to finish. Starting from the stones, the fringes, the leaves intertwined with each other, and every detail embroidered by hand, this emerald green dress gives you that feeling that you have conquered the world!

For those who prefer a handmade dress with a lot of details, we suggest this dress with a bodysuit with fringes around as a perfect choice. Which colur would make every woman look extravagant? Of course, we’re talking about a dress with fringes details here. That’s why we suggest this strapless short green dress that never goes out of style. As a result, you can wear all of your handmade dresses and clothes with this neckline for a long time, and they look good with updos and loose hairstyles.

This dress with bodysuit with fringes around shows off our skin in style, and the neckline goes well with all types of bodies. No matter how old you are, it will always be a good option to show off some skin with a strapless short green dress. Strapless necklines have totally uncovered the shoulders and above the bust, adding that feminine touch to this emerald green dress. This dress with bodysuit with fringes around is appropriate for a variety of occasions, including high-value events, birthday glam, and any other special occasion. This emerald green dress is the kind of dress you can wear multiple times.


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