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  • Short red strapless dress

  • Uniquely underbust leather detailed with a push up one side slit

  • Made entirely of red lace sequins, sequins


Always red-y for a short red dress


Sometimes the model of the dress doesn’t matter much when it has a color that is visible even in the dark. Yeah, we’re talking about red. No color makes a bolder statement than red, and it makes you feel and look powerful. And we have the perfect short red strapless dress waiting for you! This red dress with unique underbust leather features a unique strapless form which draws attention to the neckline, and when it comes to hairstyles, be it a hair up or hair down kind of hairstyle, they all go with this short red strapless dress since it doesn’t feature any straps or shoulders.

Details are very important, especially when they’re set in parts of the dress that highlight curves. This dress made with red lace sequins features a unique underbust leather detail with a push-up one-side slit that shapes the waist and flatters your curves. The top of this short red strapless dress is made of unique red lace sequins while the bottom is made of round shiny sequins, which creates an extraordinary interweaving of sequins. It is obvious that this is a totally strapless red dress for party. I mean, it’s short, it’s red, full of sequins, but besides fancy parties, you can wear this strapless red dress for cocktail for your birthday glam, Valentine’s Day dinner or any special occasion you may have. Whenever you wear this dress made with red lace sequins you’ll look bold and powerful!

extraordinary interweaving of sequins – red dress with sequin detail

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