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The “Petunia” Haute Couture short black dress features one shoulder, a unique cutout on the bust, and black beads on the shoulder and bottom of the dress, which are the special features of the dress. The bottom part of the dress is made of leaf sequin details, which add that last ultimate touch to this short black dress with unique shape.


The only solution when you have nothing to wear, or when you have only the most classic and appropriate solution, is a LITTLE BLACK dress. A fashion statement piece that is trendy forever, not just at the moment. If you think the opposite, let us know. We suggest this short black dress, because it can be both sexy and conservative. Every woman should have at least one short black dress in her closet. Especially if it’s a short black dress with unique shape. Being unique isn’t an easy thing. You have to follow trends and mix those latest trends with your style as well, because you’re not going to overdo it, do you? There is absolutely no other item that is more timeless than this black dress with leaf sequins details. This dress with black beads on shoulder is a versatile piece of clothing. You can wear it to business dinners, cocktail parties, weddings, date nights, etc. The list just goes on and on. You can make it even more interesting by adding different jewelry, accessories, and shoes.

We have all said, even once in life, “I don’t have anything to wear.” In those moments of despair, a short black dress can be your lifesaver. So, say goodbye to unexpected occasions, stressful digging through the wardrobe, and standing in front of a mirror.


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