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The “Odessa” Haute Couture handmade short green dress features short shoulders and a long tail from both sides.

Being special and stunning during a special occasion is not easy, but with a green dress with short shoulders it’s possible. This green dress with tails on both sides is an excellent choice for women who want to appear sophisticated and elegant. For those who don’t want just a regular dress but something detailed all the way up we suggest this green dress with long tail, which I believe you’re sure to love too for the uniqueness it possesses. You can wear this handmade green dress at that fancy party you’re invited to but also to more formal events since this short green dress also features a long tail. When you’re searching for that perfect dress, you should know what type of event you’re about to attend, because if your event is held during the day, you don’t want to wear something extraordinary, do you?

Green? Yes, because green is a color that represents peace, growth, and balance.

Whenever or whatever event you’re about to attend, formal or non-formal, with this green dress with long tail, one thing is for sure, you’ll look amazing! We suggest wearing one centerpiece of statement jewelry with this green dress with long tail to complete the whole look. For those days when you want to channel your delicate inner beauty, this green dress with short shoulder is all light and beautiful – almost as if it’s too delicate to be real.

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