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The “Neia” Haute Couture features short puffy shoulders, full neck, open shape bust, and both a front slit. The dress is floor length and made of sequins, which is the special feature of this dress with both sides tail.


Haute Couture is a fashion piece that’s handmade and one of a kind. So, when choosing a haute couture gown like this, we want to make sure you made the right decision. If you want to go for a more royal look, a fuchsia dress with back long tail is usually appropriate since the length gives a more royal look.

The “Neia” Haute Couture long fuchsia dress has short puffy shoulders, a full neckline, an open-shaped bust, and a double-sided tail. Brighter colors are so trendy nowadays, so this fuchsia “Neia” fuchsia dress with back long tail.

PRETTY IN ? PRETTY INFUCHSIA” this time, since spring is around the corner, which means lighter colors and unique shapes, so the “Neia” straight fitted dress with short puffy shoulders represents it all. We don’t know if fuchsia is your color, but what we do know is that you will look amazing while wearing such a unique fit dress with open shape bust.

A straight fitted dress with short puffy shoulders is totally “GOING ALL IN LOOK” if you’re looking for unique, exclusive pieces that drape perfectly on your form.

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