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The “Marabel” Haute Couture short blue dress features short shoulders, blue sequins around the bust, and blue rhinestones all over the dress. The dress is all made of blue sequin leaf lace.

If you’re into blue, then keep reading since we have a lot of blue dresses that we created for you. But for those who love handmade dresses too, we’re suggesting this short blue dress that has a royal blue color with leaf lace all over the dress, and blue stones on the shoulder and all over the dress. Summer symbolizes youth and freedom, so we are all freer to attend parties. These parties may be held at the beach, at night, or more formal, which influences the dress selection process. “The Good of the Good” is that this short blue dress for a party is also appropriate for more formal events due to its sophisticated shoulder shape.

‘’Who doesn’t love a little blue dress”?

It is no coincidence that the color blue is a favorite of many people because it represents confidence and authority. So when you wear this blue dress for a cocktail, do not be surprised when all the attention is drawn to you. No matter how gorgeous a dress can be, it still needs to match your personality. With this green dress with the unique design we suggest going by the rule: less is more. Since you’re wearing a short green dress with sequins a bracelet or rings would be suitable, without overdoing it!

What to combine with this short blue dress?

Blue plus blue. Why not go for that full monochromatic look with this unique blue dress? One thing is for sure, you’ll look amazing!

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