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 Nothing speaks of summer more than purple shades, including lavender, lilac, and orchid. We’re recommending this lilac strapless dress that’s all made of sequins, with a unique bust that shapes and flatters your feminine figure. Gloves add elegance to any dress, regardless of shape or color, and no dress is glamorous enough without them. This long lilac dress features purple velvet gloves with above the arm length detailed with floor length tulle purple pieces.

Where to wear this lilac dress made with sequins?
If you have a wedding to attend and you haven’t found that perfect guest wedding dress, you’ve come to the right place. This lilac strapless dress is glamorous yet sophisticated, which makes it suitable enough to wear at such events. Besides wedding ceremonies, this lilac dress with unique bust shape can be worn at formal events or on prom night. Whenever you wear this lilac dress made with sequins you’ll look and feel like a REVEÉ.

A lilac dress with velvet gloves shapes and flatters your feminine figure.

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