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The “Jianna” Haute Couture straight fit mint dress features feathers on the bust, which are the special feature of this strapless mint dress.

Feathers are so trendy this year, but they aren’t something that just came into fashion as a trend. We’re all nostalgic about those movie stars wearing those fancy dresses, and when choosing a dress, it is so important to have inspiration in advance. The “speciality” of feathers is that they just unintentionally get attention, even if they are used in a small detail, as does this long dress with feathers on the bust. Okay, now that we’ve got that movie star vibe, a dress that fits perfectly with your figure is a must. That’s why the shape of the “Jianna” straight fit mint dress corresponds to.

A dress for high value event? We know how tough these events can be since all eyes are on you and everything needs to be looked after so carefully, but the dress for high value event is the most important thing. What the press will write most about is what dress for high value event she is wearing. Where’s the dress from? Knowing how to choose the right shape is key, but if you prefer a shape that shows your figure in the best possible way, we suggest a strapless mint dress.

Estimated delivery time for custom made orders is 30 days. 

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