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The “Jhene” short light pink one-sided dress is made of floral sequin lace and pearls, mostly on the bust, which really makes this draped pink pop!


A dress that’s perfect for holidays and year-round special occasions? We’ve got you with this draped pink dress. This pink dress with pearls is eye-catching, but the draped light pink fabric keeps it from being too over the top, which makes this dress with one light side pink appropriate for that fun party with you friends, birthday glam, but also more valuable events. Sequin lace is a classic fabric that makes for the perfect short pink dress for events.

This short pink dress with pearls features a sequin lace is a simple fabric that features an extra pop perfectly molds to your body and finds your shape without being too stiff. While the fabric is a little heavier than others, it is still comfortable and makes you feel as good as you look!

Whenever you wear this pink dress with pearl details, one thing is sure you’ll look stunning!

How to wear this draped pink dress?

A sequin lace dress already makes a statement, we suggest minimalizing the accessories and the shoes while wearing this pink dress with pearl details, because the glam that the sequins “provide” are already your accessory!

Since we already know this short pink dress with pearls speaks for itself, style it with neutral shoes, you’re not gonna overdo it do you? For the makeup you can experiment a little and go for a simple glam look to combine with this short pink dress for events.

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