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The “Jayda” Haute Couture short mint dress features long sleeves, a full neck, an underbust transparent with stripes, and gold floral leaf details from the neck to the thighs, which are the special features of this handmade mint dress.

If you want a dress that fits perfectly on your body but also makes you look elegant, we suggest this mint dress with full neck. The high neckline is the only thing everyone is going crazy over. High necklines are sexy and chic and still conservative enough to be worn safely to any venue and occasion, so you’ll look amazing with this mint dress with leaf details.

For a more festive feeling, this short mint unique dress embellishment proves to be a dream pick. This mint dress with leaf details is complemented by full sleeves, but the underbust transparency with stripes saves it from being too conservative. You would have totally made a wise decision to complete the look with this short mint unique dress and more modest accessories. You too can wear this short dress with underbust transparent, with nude makeup and beachy waves.

The special thing about this short mint unique dress that has handmade features and sequins, mainly starting from the neck to the thighs. But what identifies it most is the part in the middle of the waist. That’s why we suggest wearing this handmade mint dress so you’ll feel as good as you look.

If you’re going to attend a higher-value event, the “Jayda” short dress with underbust transparent is the right fit, but if you’re going to another special occasion, this mint dress with leaf details is also suitable! But what is more important is to feel good and comfortable, which also reflects on the inside.

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