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The “Fleur” Haute Couture blue strapless dress is made of lace sequins and blue stone details all over the dress.



Blue strapless dress with a one-of-a-kind color inspired by the sky and the sea.

We all know the effect of strapless dresses, but we’re mentioning it again: they really flatter your feminine figure, so choosing to wear this blue strapless dress is a bold choice, I’m telling you! But if you’re worried about showing too much skin, consider a long wet-look hairstyle instead of just wrapping your hair. We all know how special handmade details are, especially if they are in the same color as this dress with blue stones details! And this blue dress with lace sequins with handmade blue stone details is like a dream because it’s a correlation of vibrant blue color with stone details. This blue strapless dress has a unique color inspired by the sky and the ocean, which makes it perfect to be worn at a prom!

We suggest combing this shoulderless blue dress with some dangling earrings to go with it.The ideal dress with blue stones details for a party is short, sparkly, and fitted. Because what’s life without fun? And while having fun, make sure you look stunning in this blue dress with v bust and make fun memories with your friends that you’re going to remember forever. This blue dress with lace sequins is suitable as a birthday party dress, prom night dress, or for any other special occasion you may have.

In case you missed the memo, A blue dress with v bust is suitable for all figures.


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