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The “Étincelle” Haute Couture long aqua dress features one shoulder, all made of leaf sequins, with darker sequin stripes on the bust, shoulder, and on one side of the thighs. Crystals from the bust to the thighs add the finishing touch to this fantasy aqua dress.

If you’re tired of choosing “simple colors” and really want to make a difference, go for a unique, brighter color, like a fantasy aqua dress. Once the sunny days begin, most people already have in mind that summer is just around the corner, and this long aqua dress is a great option for those summer days! The darker aqua sequin stripes on the bust, shoulder, and one side of the thighs, however, are what distinguish this dress with leaf sequins the most. This fantasy aqua dress also includes some crystals from the bust to the thighs that add the last touch to this aqua dress with one shoulder. It can be worn at various events, such as high value events or any special occasion.

Some details really complete the dress, some just don’t. That’s why it’s important to really look after every single thing when it comes to details. Do they match with the dress? Should the details be the same color as the dress? How much detail is too much? When you have already chosen a dress in a brighter color, we suggest going for details in that same shade, like this fantasy aqua dress that has aqua dress crystals on the bust. If you don’t want to show too much skin and want to keep it more classy, this aqua dress with one shoulder is for you.

But what about accessories? This dress with leaf sequins is already detailed and has a unique bright color like aqua. It would be more appropriate to combine it with more modest accessories, maybe some small earrings. You may say to yourself, “ohh I would look so overdressed,” but to be honest, no one is ever overdressed with the right dress in the right color, like the “Étincelle” fantasy aqua dress.

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