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The ‘ESTELA’ Haute Couture lilac dress detailed with beads and fringes, off-shoulder and a front slit.

the perfect lilac shade that conveys a sense of femininity – a long lilac dress

Tell me which colors, besides lilac, are considered feminine. So if you prefer pastel colors, you’re in the right place. We’re suggesting this long lilac dress that has the perfect lilac shade and conveys a sense of femininity. Are you tired of lifting the sleeve up as often as it goes down? Then, in order to have a ‘stay put dress’ that its sleeves won’t start to fall down, an off shoulder lilac dress is the answer! Showing your most sensual part of the body, your legs, is not a problem now since this lilac dress with front slit will accentuate the waist and bring out your elegant shape.

With which colors to combine this long lilac dress? Some of the colors that pair well with lilac include: orange, yellow, olive green, gray, white, and rose quartz. But if you prefer similar colors to combine with this lilac dress with beads details then analogous shades of purple or alongside a soft pink would be more appropriate. Detail enthusiasts? A lilac dress with beads details, made especially for you. But we are not talking about any details here. This off shoulder lilac dress is all made of unique lace and pearls mixed all over the dress. We almost forgot to mention the most essential details that give the dress that ultimate touch, the silver fringes that start from the waist to the bottom of the dress.

the most essential details that give the dress that ultimate touch- a lilac dress with fringe details

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