Free worlwide shipping Haute Couture short red dress Short tulle sleeves detailed to the bottom of the dress in ruffle form Full neck, uniq...


  • Free worlwide shipping

  • Haute Couture short red dress

  • Short tulle sleeves detailed to the bottom of the dress in ruffle form

  • Full neck, uniquely detailed with red lace sequin & silver rhinestones


What should I wear on Valentine’s Day?

RED, because what better color to represent love and passion than RED? Our ‘Eros’ red dress with full neck will make you look irresistible on the most romantic day of the year.

Whether you’re dating or not, a red sequin dress is fiery enough!

How do you dress up a red sequin dress?

A stunning dress with side tulle ruffles like this needs the right accessories. When it comes to combining a red dress with side tulle shoulder that already has so much shimmer, we stand by the rule that less is more. That’s why you should skip the jewelry entirely. But if you’re a jewelry enthusiast, you can go for uncomplicated designs that won’t clash with this red sequin dress.

Where to wear a red dress with full neck?

Nothing screams party more than sequins, and they’re appropriate for every season. This short dress for red carpet can be worn at both black-tie events and semi-formal events due to the sequins and rhinestone details, and the high neck, which makes it conservative enough.

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