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The “Eris” Haute Couture transparent blue dress features a V-shaped bust, blue fringles from the waist to the thighs, and a front slit.

We all know the effect strapless dresses have, except they give that elegant and delicate look. It’s a style of dress that just goes with everything. When we’re saying everything, we are talking about hair styles as well. From a classy bun to a wet hair look, or even the “heavy layers” that are so trendy for the 2022 season, it doesn’t matter since the shape of this strapless blue dress makes it appropriate for any hairstyle.

enthusiastic in a transparent blue dress

For those who want a more sexier look, this transparent blue dress will show off skin in the most elegant way, and also the blue lace sequins that are featured all over the dress, don’t let it be too much. So you’ll have a unique blue dress that’s sexy, glamorous, and elegant. This blue dress with a v shaped bust can be worn to a variety of occasions, including high-end events, fancy parties, prom nights, and any other special occasions. Whatever event you’re planning to attend, there’s a unique blue dress here for you. A lot of famous celebrities are getting more and more daring with thigh-high slits creeping up to the hip. That’s why we’re suggesting this blue dress with front slit that definitely makes a statement wherever you wear it!

In case you missed the memo, in a strapless blue dress, you are flawless.

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