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The “Elly” Haute Couture pink straight fitted dress has pearls on the bust and waist, a vertical open bust, ruffled on one side of the thighs, and a sequin-covered bottom.

Pearls are always appropriate. The timelessness of pearls reflects the fact that they are the most stylish gemstone! Pearls are a timeless classic that no fashion collection should be without. In particular, pearls have lately become extremely popular. This might be due to the re-emergence of past fashions, and that’s why a dress with pearls details is a must!

Typically, the perfect dress necessitates the perfect details, and this fit dress with pearl details is just that. The form of this pink straight fitted dress is unique in that it features a vertical open bust, and one side of the thighs that is ruffled gives that ultimate touch! For those who prefer a pink handmade dress that perfectly shapes their figure, this pink straight fitted dress will show off the feminine figure as well as possible!

This pink handmade dress is not only modern and chic, but accentuates the pearls that adorn your curves in the most elegant way. No matter where you wear it, as a wedding guest outfit, for prom night, or for any special high value event, one thing is for sure, you’ll look stunning with this pink handmade dress.

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