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Dark Blue Suit

Dark Blue Suit

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  • Three piece Dark Blue Suit Set, Squared blue jacket

  • Blue vest, blue pants

  • Red unique design tie & handkerchief

For Every Season, Stylish And Sophisticated

dark blue suit

How to style up a dark blue suit?

This blue dark suit with squared blue jacket at first sight may look a bit tricky when it comes to styling. Don’t worry, we’re here to help.
You can pair a dark blue suit like this with a white shirt to soften the tone of this dark blue suit.

What tie do you wear with a dark blue suit with blue vest?

Sophisticated and elegant suits like this blue dark suit with squared blue jacket undoubtedly need some essential details. A perfect combo would be a red unique design tie and handkerchief to complete the look in this dark blue suit with blue pants.

THE PERFECT dark blue suit with red collar detail

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