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The “Caroline” Haute Couture short handmade dress features nude feathers on the shoulders and on the bottom of the dress.

Being inspired by those fancy movie stars can result in looking magical in a dress with nude feathers! For those who love 70’s fashion and are always on track with the latest trends, dressing with nude feathers is a must! Feathers are back? Yeah, and they are so on trend for 2022, and literally you can see them everywhere, which is not a coincidence, because they go so well with almost everything. Feathers were also used a lot in the 70’s and they really had a huge impact on fashion. When we are talking about trends, high neck dresses are one thing that everyone is going crazy over. Yeah, a little strange, but high necklines can be sexy and chic and still conservative enough to be safely worn on any occasion. If you’re a fan of short handmade dress, then this short dress with feathers is for you!

“Being inspired by those fancy movie stars can result in looking magical in a dress with nude feathers!”

A dress with unique design? This short handmade dress would complete the look perfectly without making it too conservative. This dress with nude feathers on the shoulders can be worn to various events, such as high-value events, since it features handmade details that are featured all over the dress. but also at parties & cocktails, prom night or any other special occasion you may have. Whenever it’s an event you’re about to attend, with this dress with unique design, you’ll look like a movie star!

In case you missed the memo, you can never go wrong wearing a dress with unique design like this short dress with feathers!

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