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The “Brigitte” Haute Couture dark green dress that features short ruffled shoulders, full neck, a side folded tail that goes upfront too. The special feature of this dress is the sequins all over the dress, which maintain the balance with the dark green fabric too.


How lovely are those fancy royal dresses? Every time we see them, goosebumps are all over us. You even caught yourself imagining yourself in that dress, with a prince…. Hold on there, for the prince we can’t assure you, but for the dress, we can totally suggest this dark green dress that’s just out of this world and will make you feel like a ducches. This green dress with full neck will give you that sophisticated, elegant look, but also that glamorous vibe since it is all made of lace and sequins. Why green? Green, especially dark green, represents peace, growth, and balance. It is also known for giving such a royalty vibe, so opting for a dark green dress is definitely a smart choice.

For those who prefer all glitz & glam dresses, which we obviously do not blame you for, with this green dress with sequins that features dark green lace sequins on the neck, bust, and even on the tail too, you’ll look amazing!

A dark green dress that makes you feel like a ducches…

Ruffles are back, but they really never went out of fashion. They’re just different. Their shape is irregular and all about being “free,” and this green dress with short ruffled shoulders maintains that balance since the dress is straight-fitted. This green dress with sequins is appropriate for various events, such as high-value events, but can also be worn on other special occasions. No matter where you wear this dark green dress, you will look royal!

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