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  • Haute Couture strapless short pink dress

  • Multiple colours at the bottom of the dress

  • Unique beaded bust shape

What would be a summer without wearing a short pink dress?

Bright colors like pink are often considered warm and delicate, but pink can also be fierce, feminist, and powerful. If you know any color other than pink that highlights your femininity, tell us.

A unique bust shape pink dress for a PINK STATEMENT

What would summer be without wearing a strapless short pink dress? Pink is a well-known year-round wear color, but when worn in summer it can be paired more with other bright shades such as white, pastels, orange, etc. Another shade that’s dominating for the 2022 season is hot pink, and we make sure you always stay on top of the latest trend with our ‘Belle’ strapless short pink dress.

Why choose this strapless short pink dress?

Aside from the vibrant and summery color, this pink short dress for party has very unique details at the bottom, and the interweaving of the pink color with the unique colors at the bottom creates a perfect balance. This pink dress with multiple colors bottom is a must if you want to make a bold PINK STATEMENT!

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