What to Wear to Prom: The Dos & Dont's

What to Wear to Prom: The Dos & Dont's

The highlight of your high school life! A magical glam night made of memories. Let's be honest—most of us have struggled with what to wear to prom! It’s exciting but a bit tense putting together the entire outfit, given the many styles, colors, and trends one can find on the market. That's why we've compiled useful tips below that will help you nail your look.

The Dos of Prom Fashion

Before you go out shopping for a prom dress, make sure you know the dress code rules from your school. Some schools do have rules that go by length, style, and modesty. Therefore, do consider any guidelines to stay comfortable and confident on your prom night. To start with, refer to the checklist below.

1. Nurture Your Body Type

A prom dress should highlight your best features, so understanding your body shape is key. Knowing your body figure is perhaps the most important part. The good news is that a perfect dress is waiting for anyone no matter the type of body one has. Just pick what fits you best. For instance, here’s what to wear to prom if your body is:


  • Pear-shaped: Go for an A-line or ball gowns that highlight the waist and flow away from the hips.
  • Hourglass: Go for fitted styles like mermaid or trumpet dresses that hug the curves.
  • Apple-shaped: Pick an empire waist or dresses with a cinched waistline to create a balanced silhouette.
  • Athletic: Pick dresses with ruffles, embellishments, or an asymmetrical neckline to add dimension.


2. Consider Comfort

At prom, you will be dancing, socializing, and moving around a lot, so put comfort first! Go for a dress that makes sitting, walking, and dancing easy. Also, look for breathable fabrics and a fit that isn’t too tight or restrictive. 

3. Think About Your Hair and Makeup

Your hairstyle and makeup should complement your dress. So, go for hair and makeup that match your overall look. Also, you can book a trial run with a professional to make sure that everything comes together perfectly on the big night. 

4. Accessorize Wisely

Accessories can elevate your look, but don't overdo it. So, follow the rule of thumb and match your accessories to your dress. For instance, if your dress has detailed beading, choose simpler jewelry to keep the balance.

The Don’ts of Prom Fashion

Even when you’ve found what to wear to prom, you should follow some general rules to ensure that you look your best.

1. Don’t Follow Trends Blindly

Okay, it's great to be on trend, but picking a dress solely because everyone else is wearing it is maybe not the best idea. Instead, grab something that fits you right and makes you feel great, even if it's not the "in" style. Believe in yourself and wear what makes you happy.

2. Don’t Overspend

Prom dresses come in many different price ranges, so remember to set a budget before you start shopping. Also, don't forget that accessories, shoes, hair, and makeup can provide you with open-ended expenses. This will help you decide what to wear to prom. 

3. Don’t Wait Until the Last Minute

Start shopping for your dress early so you can avoid stress in the long run. You'll have plenty of time to discover what to wear to prom and make any alterations along the way. 

4. Don’t Forget About Undergarments

Remember that the right underwear can really change how your dress fits and looks. So, when you choose your bras and shapewear, keep in mind the neckline, back, and fabric of your dress. Seamless options are often best for avoiding visible lines.

5. Don’t Overlook Your Date’s Outfit

Coordinate with your date to ensure your outfits complement each other. This doesn’t mean you have to match exactly, but harmonizing colors and styles can make for great photos.

Get Inspired by Minna’s Prom Dresses

To help you find inspiration, let’s take a look at some beautiful prom dresses from Minna’s collection. Each dress is designed with elegance and style in mind, perfect for making a statement at prom.


This long floral dress lets you step into sophistication, blending a mix of vibrant colors as beautiful as Spring itself. Marlisa gives us the ultimate blend of chic and comfort. With its slim fit and thin straps, it's perfect for grabbing attention at fancy events like prom. 

Made with unique handmade lace, this dress stands out from the rest. Its allure eliminates the need for extra accessories, making it a complete statement piece. The rich fabric adds a luxurious touch, ensuring you’ll feel like royalty.


Our Adria dress is another perfect combination of chic and comfort. This stunning outfit features a strapless long evening dress with eye-catching silver fabric accents.

To make the look even more flawless, it is paired with a stylish shoulder cape necklace. Those who dream of a fairytale prom night will quickly come to know that Adria is the dress that makes you feel like a princess.


This dress just speaks for itself! Minna’s Darius mini dress in this lovely pastel blue shade is a unique designer piece. Each part is handcrafted, making it the epitome of high-end fashion. 

Its leaf-inspired design will surely turn heads. We've added longer fringes for a dramatic Hollywood-style effect. So, if you prefer a more modern and edgy look, Darius is ideal for you!


Our Fernanda dress is the epitome of high-end fashion, blending a unique mix of orange and silver details. Its long sleeves sparkle with beautiful crystals, while the daring neckline adds a touch of flair, continuing down to the waist. 

The straight fit gives it a classic look, while the top exudes glamorous Hollywood style. The rich texture and deep color options make it a standout choice for prom.


Lastly, we’ll introduce Brooklyn – a classy black dress with a modern touch. Its deep V-neckline is jazzed up with a fancy brooch, making it perfect for prom night. 


Say goodbye to wardrobe stress and hello to feeling great in this sleek, long dress. And the best part? It goes well with heels, bags, or sandals without any fuss.

Bonus Tips to Perfect Your Prom Look

If you think you have a good idea of what to wear to prom, make sure you start early to find the perfect dress. That way, you can try different styles and options. You'll have time for any alterations you need without feeling rushed.


Also, when shopping for your prom dress, bring someone whose opinion you trust. They will give honest feedback and help you choose a dress that really suits you.


Then, think about the location of your prom. If it’s a grand ballroom, go for a more formal dress. For a less formal venue, you opt for a simpler, more comfortable dress.


As for the shoes, you should make sure to pick ones that look good and feel nice on your feet. Because you'll stand a lot, you should also consider bringing some comfy sneakers or cozy shoes in case you want to switch. 


If you want to be on the safe side, bring a small emergency kit with essentials like safety pins, double-sided tape, and a small sewing kit. These items can be lifesavers in case of any wardrobe malfunctions, and your girls will certainly appreciate them!

What Do Guys Wear to Prom?

While prom focuses mostly on girls, it’s important to remember that guys also need to look sharp for prom. If you’re wondering, “What do boys wear to prom?” here are a few quick tips to get you on the right foot.

Suits and Tuxedos

Men usually bless the dance floors with classy suits and sleek tuxedos.  While it’s a matter of preference, these outfits range from casual to fancy. Most go for classic styles like shirts and pants or more, but those who like to experiment a little also go for trendy jackets and suits.

What matters is that men’s suits are top-notch quality, making you look and feel fantastic when you wear them. So, if you're heading to prom, don't worry about dressing up in fancy attire – think about comfort above all else!

Also, don’t hesitate to show the real you! Even if you usually go for the timeless look, it's cool to add some flair. Try out funky cufflinks, a snazzy tie, or a flashy pocket square to stand out. 

Then, take a moment to focus on the little things. Make sure your suit or tux fits just right, your shoes shine, and your accessories match. And don’t overlook grooming. A tidy haircut and a smooth shave can make all the difference.

Whatever you decide to wear, make sure your outfit complements your date’s dress. It can be as simple as matching your tie or pocket square to her dress color. But coordinating is very important!

Final Thoughts 

Prom is a night you'll never forget, and what you wear really matters. But, with the right outfit and some preparation, you'll be set for an incredible night. So, stick to these dos and don’ts, and you’ll have an easier time deciding what to wear to prom. In the end, go for something comfortable, stylish, and true to your personality - like Minna’s collection of prom dresses

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