The Most Stylish Velvet Dresses based by the Spanish Princess

The Most Stylish Velvet Dresses based by the Spanish Princess

‘’Daughter of Spain, Queen of England’’
those were the words she said to herself as a child. The day to become a queen came, although it was not easy. But she always made sure that whatever happened, the “goal” should be achieved. I believe you have seen the popular series on Netflix “The Spanish Princess”, and if you haven’t watched it, believe me, it gets better from the third episode.

What is The Spanish Princess based on? The Spanish Princess is based on the years Catherine of Aragon (a role that I doubt anyone better than Charlotte Hope would have played) spent in England, first as Prince Arthur’s bride and subsequent widow, and then as King Henry VIII’s wife. What we all may have noticed are the beautiful velvet dresses and costumes that they started to radically “change” after the marriage of Catherine and Henry Prince of England. (Richer colors, burgundy, emerald green, dark purple, royal blue, like a more shiny velvet).

According to the costume designer Pam Downe:
“The fabric I most used was velvet, in all its many forms be it cotton, silk, viscose, or a combination of each. Velvet was born heavily in the 16th century and was particularly prominent in the English court, it is also a good surface to print on. “

If you want to be the “modern Catherine" then the ‘’Black Onyx Dressis for you. Such beautiful weaving of leaf motifs and stones with velvet makes this dress even more significant. Long sleeves, structured shoulders, and a full high neck make it appropriate for both formal and semi-formal events. I almost forgot to mention the small folds at the bottom of the dress which emphasizes the part of the thighs. This short black velvet onyx dress is available also in other colors.


Eyecatching and mature? There’s only one way to look like that: BLUE VELVET DRESS.

How to combine this royal blue velvet dress? You can wear it with a pair of silver, blue open-toe heels, or nude-heeled sandals to add a   feminine touch to the outfit. Into blue? but prefer a dense shade. Then royal blue is the choice you should opt for. We’re recommending our ‘Leano’ long sleeves blue dress that keeps you warm during the cold seasons while looking chic.

"A devoted mother, a woman who loves her husband without condition, and a fierce protector of her country.''


More royal than ginger? Nothing speaks more royally than ginger
Even if we wanted, we couldn’t find something more royal, more Princess Catherine than ginger. Yes, we’re thinking about the hair too!

Whether it's short, or long with or without the sleeves, a velvet ginger dress always remains a velvet ginger dress. Therefore, to feel like Princess Catherine as she walked majestically along the regal hallway with the ‘Ginger’ dress makes it happen! Folds at the bust and the strapless corset bust shape as they look sophisticated and elegant, adding detail in the middle makes this dress even more special. Its strapless bodice and folds are both sophisticated and elegant, not to mention that the dress is particularly distinctive because of the stone embellished detail. 


Prefer to stay within these shades, but do you want something more detailed? We’re bringing feathers this time!! And it’s not something usual. And as for the hairstyle, you don’t need to worry either, as we’ve already mentioned multiple times, it matches a strapless corset dress. Where to wear the dress and its characteristics, check the video below for more details.



“Feathers are not just details, feathers make the dress”





Looking for something more formal and chic? How about a black velvet dress? Black is the most classic go-to color for velvet dresses. The ‘Charlotte’ will keep you warm during the cold winter months and fits all the boxes.

A dress that checks all the boxes? Black

Cold winter months? Check
Elegant? Check
Investment piece? Check
Embellished? Check
Chic for all seasons? Check

                              "VELVET DREAM"

If this black velvet dress isn’t what you were looking for check out other black velvet dresses here.

                           EMBROIDERED VELVET DRESSES

Velvet, yet fancy? Velvet is that kind of fabric that looks elegant and fits well with handmade details as well. We’re recommending our ‘Laney’ embellished velvet dress that features one long puffy sleeve and also some unique folded velvet cutouts at the bodice and the waist along with the handmade fabric print. The full neck of the dress and the long sleeve makes it appropriate for any occasion fit.

If this velvet embellished orange dress doesn’t speak for you, check out the green velvet dress option here.

Is it OK to wear a velvet dress to a wedding?
Velvet is known as the warmest and most luxurious fabric that makes the ideal wedding guest attire! We recommend wearing velvet dresses for more casual weddings although velvet dresses are known for many celebrations, especially for dinners.


"Princess Catherine told us that a woman no matter the obstacles that she faces to achieve the things she wants, must persevere and not give up no matter what." 

Can velvet and satin go together? It’s like a match made in heaven. So, yes if you want to elevate your look even more just go for it.

A velvet sleeveless dress? A purple velvet dress has it all. We’re recommending the ‘Heloisa’ Purple velvet dress that’s sculpted in a unique strapless bodice adorned with some purple sequin and some wrapped-up details at both sides of the thighs, accentuating your figure while making you feel warm yet luxurious.

The place where you would wear the dress also determines the model of the dress. If you planning to attend a red carpet or similar event (even if you’re not planning, it is enough to have such a dress in your closet) to be more specific the ‘Saint’ haute couture long purple velvet dress, I know we’re amazed too.
This red carpet dress features stunning floor-length pink tulle sleeves with small sequin motifs structured at the shoulders, the bodice is also embellished with sequin motifs up to the neck. The underbust is transparent with pink velvet straps that make the waistline even more emphasized. While down in the main part of the thighs features some unique folded details.




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