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The Creative Journey of Aquamor Dresses

In the world of high fashion, every stitch tells a story, and every fabric holds a secret.  Today, we take you "Behind the Seams" of our latest haute couture collection, Aquamor,  a line that celebrates the mesmerizing allure of the ocean's depths. 

Inspiration: The Call of the Ocean 

Our journey begins with the vast and enigmatic ocean, a boundless source of  inspiration. The Aquamor collection is an ode to the deep blue, capturing its myriad  hues, the gentle sway of its waves, and the mystery of its uncharted territories. Each  dress in the collection is a tribute to the ocean's diverse character - from the serene to  the stormy, the shallow sandy shores to the profound abyss. 

Design Philosophy 

At Aquamor, our design philosophy intertwines with the rhythm of the seas. We believe  in creating garments that not only embody the essence of the ocean but also resonate  with your soul. Our dresses are designed to flow like water, creating a dress that is both  fluid and flattering. 

A Sea of Details 

The heart of Aquamor lies in the handmade details and high attention to perfection. Every dress we create is like a painter's canvas, brought to life with the detailed and skilled artistry of Haute Couture. We use only the finest materials, handpicked for their  quality and resemblance to various aspects of the sea. 

  • Sequins and Stones: Like sun-kissed ocean waves, our use of sequins and stones reflects the sparkling surface of the water. Each piece is carefully hand-sewn to create patterns that mimic the fluidity of waves.
  • Pearls: In our Aquamor collection, pearls are like little treasures from the deep sea, each one carrying the ocean's elegance.
  • Fringes: Reminiscent of seaweed and the ocean's rhythmic movement, fringes add a playful yet sophisticated element to our dresses, creating a dynamic that echoes with every step.
  • Handmade Detailing: The essence of Haute Couture is its handmade detailing. In Aquamor, every stitch, fold, and cut is executed with precision, mirroring the nature of sea creatures crafting their homes. Like sun-kissed ocean waves, our use of sequins and stones  reflects the sparkling surface of the water. Each piece is carefully hand-sewn to create patterns that mimic the fluidity of waves. 


A vision of golden radiance, reminiscent of a sunlit beach just before dusk. It appears as though  it has been spun from the very threads of sunlight that dance upon the ocean’s surface. Our  “Demetria” dress- a galaxy of sequins and stones that capture the light with every movement.  Delicate fringes like liquid gold, each strand tipped with tiny beads that seem to ripple like  waves against the shore. https://minna.shop/products/demetria


“Eileen”- a masterpiece dipped in the hues of the deepest ocean, a symphony of sapphire and  indigo that plays along the contours of the body. The fabric, sheer as the waters, wraps the form  in a tapestry of beaded embellishments. The sleeves, tinted with the twilight of the underwater  world, add an ethereal grace, evoking images of the gentle image of the sea at peace. It is an  ode to the majesty of the deep blue, a blend of elegance, mystery, and the serene power of the  waters. https://minna.shop/products/eileen

A Journey Beyond Fashion

Aquamor is more than a collection of dresses; it's a journey into the heart of the ocean. Each piece is a story, a piece of art, a testament to the beauty and mystery of the deep  blue. We invite you to dive into the Aquamor experience, where fashion meets the  wonders of the sea.

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