Our Glamorous “SUNSPIRE” Collection: The Dawn of Luxury Fashion

Our Glamorous “SUNSPIRE” Collection: The Dawn of Luxury Fashion

In the heart of fashion's ever-evolving world, where trends rise and fall like the ebb and flow of the  ocean, a new collection stands tall and radiant – The Sunspire. Sunspire is a statement of undying  elegance, promising to be the next big revolution in Haute Couture.  

The name 'Sunspire' isn't just a label but a symphony of two evocative elements. 'Sun' the celestial body  that gives light and life, symbolizes the vibrancy, warmth, and brilliance that this collection embodies. 

On the other hand, 'spire' calls to mind lofty towers and architectural marvels that reach for the  heavens.

From trendy summer delights to timeless formal dresses, Sunspire promises to be the epitome of style  for every occasion. 

Whether through a long evening gown that sweeps the floor or a short dress that showcases elegance in  every fold, Sunspire is designed for those who aim for the skies. 

Delicate laces and iridescent sequins make it a masterpiece for evening soirées.


A nod to nature's lush green, this sexy, cocktail dress with its handcrafted embroidery is for those who  aren't afraid to make a bold statement.  


A tribute to summer's vibrant green, this modern dress is a blend of sexy contours and handcrafted  details, perfect for an unforgettable party night. 


This unique blue piece is the epitome of elegance. With handcrafted beadwork, it's poised to be the star  of any prom night.  



This long, flowing dress, bathed in the softest hues of silver, captures the magic of moonlit nights.  


Discover Sunspire's captivating short dress: a fusion of intricate lace and shimmering sparkles.  Handcrafted perfection, it's the ideal choice for summer soirées and formal parties alike.  


The Yumana shimmering silver dress, adorned with sparkles, promises to stand out in the crowd,and be  the life of any party. 


Sunspire presents a breathtaking long white dress, embodying timeless grace. Crafted with meticulous  detail, it’s flowing silhouette makes it an exquisite option for brides or even bridesmaids.


One sleeve long luxury dress also added to this beautiful elegant collection. Dive into a world where lace  meets sparkles, and dreams meet reality. 


A sexy, short dress in shimmering silver, promises to steal the spotlight, making it the undeniable star of  the evening.Be the eye-catching women’s list!  

Wondering where to buy? Explore this and more from our collections at our exclusive showroom or visit  the official MINNA website for online purchases. Your dream dress awaits.

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