Let the Spring Begin: Top Spring Color Trends for 2023

Let the Spring Begin: Top Spring Color Trends for 2023

Let’s hear you say it with us: "Spring is finally here." It feels good, right?

Saying goodbye to low temperatures and the hundred layers of clothes, the sun comes into the picture, and with it, so do the events, which leads us to one important question: What kind of dress should I choose for Spring Season? There's no need to worry because your girl has your back!

Before we start this fun journey, we need to bring spring into our inner energy and peace, which reflects directly into your wardrobe, because, let’s be honest, when you feel good on the inside, you also shine on the outside. When you feel and also look good, girl that’s a win-win situation.

When we think about Spring Dresses, the bright and hot tones automatically pop into our minds, so let’s throw away winter’s dark, moody palette and welcome the pastel ones.

You may say, "Which colors exactly are they talking about?" Well, let’s dig into it!

According to stylists and other experts in the fashion space, these are the Top Spring Color Trends for 2023:

Spoiler alert: if you are into blue colors, this is going to be your favorite season


The color lavender might be described as a medium purple or a light pinkish-purple! This color is named after the flowers of the lavender plant, which usually bloom in the Spring, which is one of the reasons why it is a spring trend color. It’s a neutral color, very calming and classic, yet it can be really exciting if there are accessories involved!

Fun fact about Lavender: It is considered a mood booster! Many people believe that this color gives a very calming effect on the mind while helping reduce stress and anxiety, which is a perfect option for a high-end event since we know very well how nervous it can get! You can never go wrong with a lavender dress with velvet stripes detail, it hugs your curves giving that hourglass look. 

So if there’s a party in town a lavender dress with feathers is a perfect choice meaning our Antoinette is the answer to your dilemma! But for a high-end event, Minna Fashion has thought about it too! You can never go wrong with a lavender dress with velvet stripes detail, like our Spring Dress “Lilas”.


Pastel Pink

Pastel Pink is a light and airy spring color that adds a fresh and feminine touch to the whole look. 

Pastel Pink as a color represents a loving, kind, and sensitive individual, often with a strong nurturing and sensual side. If the softness of springtime is a dress, it would be “Esther”, a  short pastel dress, that brings that pop of colors into a night out!

The fringes on the side are also a trending design, reminding us of the flowers and their beautiful blossoms.

As Miley Cyrus once said, "Pink is not just a color. It’s an attitude too", and we couldn’t agree more! Pink as a top trending spring color is very popular at weddings (bridesmaid’s dresses, flower girls), graduations, and other classic events. 

For example, a bridesmaid’s dress is a very hard decision, because you don’t wanna go all glamorous but yet not that basic, so our dress “Tessa” is a perfect balance! A straight-fitted dress with pink rhinestones will make a perfect bridesmaid’s dress since it pairs amazingly with other spring colors like white, beige, and grey.

A very important thing about this color is that it has a positive effect on energy. Pink uplifts people’s moods, and that is a main priority in looking good. That is why people are obsessing over this color in this Spring Season, and so do we! 

Robin’s Egg Blue

Yeap, it’s a color, and we are living for it! Quick Explanation: Robin's Egg Blue is named after the eggs laid by American robins (a symbol of spring and new beginnings). The soft blue pigment of these eggs is reflected in the color, which reflects a sense of growth, and freshness. 

Like other pastel colors, Robin's Egg Blue is airy and soft, which is why it is a popular choice for spring trends. It can add a subtle touch to the dress without making it too overwhelming. One of the rarest colors out there made it to the list of the most trending colors in this Spring Season, so if you want to turn the tables, this color is your only way, and go with a Robin’s Egg Blue dress with a side tulle tail does the trick!

Robin's Egg Blue is very easily pairable with other pastels or with neutral tones, which is a bonus for people who don’t want to waste time thinking about matching details.

An important tip: Do not overdo it! A short Robin’s Egg Blue dress for a party paired with nude heels and earrings, and you’re set!

We carefully treated this color since balance is the key to styling it!

Orange and Blood Orange

We know, it’s a risky one! But without a little risk, where's the fun in it? Orange has been a popular color in fashion in recent years, and we believe it will stay that way for a long time.

If you are interested in staying trendy with your fashion choices, an orange dress could be a great alternative to a breathtaking look. There’s something about creating pieces in this color that has that bomb effect like our bestseller Rosana, a dress with orange feathers tail, and as soon as it was launched, it was immediately everyone’s favorite pick!

Orange can be a flattering color for different skin tones, for example: If you have a warm skin tone or a tan, the orange dress brings out the warmth in your complexion, which is why this color can be a great option to wear during the spring months when you may have a bit of a sun-kissed glow.

It is a very bold color, but it can also be quite versatile; it all depends on the shade of orange and the style of dress you choose, so if you choose a long orange dress with feather shoulders get ready to have everybody’s attention! It’s no surprise that also Aviana is one of our bestsellers, Orange is the key!

 You can experiment with different looks, from casual to formal.

Orange pairs well with other colors, such as gold or white, so open the gold accessories drawer because it is time to put them to good use!


This season, you will see green mixed together (forest with emerald, Kelly with celadon), a rich and standout color that gives you that posh look and is easily pairable with other colors.

Green is a color that can be a good option for different spring occasions: a darker green long sequin dress might be appropriate for a more formal event, while a brighter or lighter green dress with an open leg might be more appropriate for a casual event.

One of the reasons why people choose this color in the Spring Season is because of its symbolism and meaning. For example, in Western cultures, green is often associated with growth and nature, while in some Eastern cultures, green is associated with balance and harmony.

This color also complements your skin tone: Depending on your skin tone, some shades of green can make your skin look brighter and more radiant. For example, people with warm undertones in their skin might look great in olive or forest green, and people with cool undertones may look better in mint or emerald green.

We have experimented with the color on different designs, and it just gives off the vibe of the Spring Season Dress.


Bring out your creative side!

We really hope that informing you about Top Spring Color Trends and giving some tips and suggestions for our pieces helped with your fashion spring choices and your events. Here are only five colors mentioned and only ten dresses, but there are still lots of spring dresses in our shop that are waiting for you to choose from. We would love to have your opinion on Spring Colors and designs that you’d love to see from us, so we could create an informative and creative space for all of us!



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