A timeless and chic style, and you know we’re talking about a reliable floral dress. Many people believe that floral dresses are only worn in the spring and summer, but they are actually worn all year. One of the many advantages of this popular print is that you can choose dresses with various floral motifs and tones, starting from bright to moody floral motifs, constantly adapting to your style, which is very important to feel yourself when wearing a certain trend like florals or any other fashion trend.

The beauty of the floral trend is that it's available in tons of colors, textures, and patterns. What plays a huge role when it comes to finding the perfect floral dress is the color. For the spring and summer seasons, it’s better to choose lightweight, vibrant floral patterns or soft floral motifs from pink floral dresses, white floral dresses, purple floral dresses, lilac floral dresses, and red flower dresses in various styles, such as short-sleeve floral dresses and one-shoulder floral dresses, for balmy outdoor celebrations. 

And what would be the right fit for the fall and winter seasons? floral dresses in various styles such as long sleeve floral midi dresses, floral puff sleeve dresses, and off the shoulder floral dresses, in deeper tone shades such as rust and black floral dresses, to shades such as emerald green floral maxi dresses.

And for floral enthusiasts, we have an array of color options to choose from, and the beauty of the floral trend is that they’re available in different shapes and prints. Below are some of our stunning floral cocktail and party dress recommendations that make the most of every occasion.



INTO FLORALS? But this time you're looking for something more special. Don’t worry, we our ‘Leota’ green floral maxi dress has you covered, which proves that the PERFECT FLORAL EVENING dress does EXIST! With it’s irresistible green beaded bust design along with the bright floral motifs set from the underbust part, extending throughout the dress makes this glamorous floral dress the to-go dress to almost any occasion, such as guest of the wedding, prom night or any special gatherings. Regardless of where you decide to wear this glamorous floral dress, you’ll bloom!




One thing about florals is that you should dress them with confidence. Regardless of whether you want to pair it with neutrals or prefer a mix and match look, just make sure they complement each other. "And Our ‘Eliza’ glamorous floral dress features a beautiful green with sequins and beads top detailed with unique floral motifs, which are set on the one shoulder strap. When it comes to hairstyles to combine with this glamorous floral dress, Loose curls are considered a reasonable option, or you can gather the hair in a low bun for a more complete look. This closet staple floral evening dress is a perfect choice to be worn as a guest at the wedding too. Regardless of the occasion, by wearing a glamorous floral dress, you’ll be making a stunning statement.



‘’After woman, flowers are the most divine creations.’’ Absolutely true, so why not combine them both? Florals are known as the most stylish and versatile choice for any season, but are more worn during the spring and summer season. (that doesn’t mean you can’t rock florals in winter too :) 

When it comes matching a sleeveless green dress, or a straight fitted green dress or basically any occasion green dress with floral sequin it can be a real challenge. Don’t worry we’re here to help. Our Georgette sleeveless green dress is right in front of you (virtually for now so) will add some fun and personality into your look. This long green dress also makes the perfect guest of wedding dress, or any special events.


                                                FLORAL FEELIN’  

                                                         Fit green dress

You can pair this unique green dress design with one of the most classic ways: neutral accessories, delicate jewellery, nude heels and a clutch can create a refined look. Elevate your look with Our must have ‘Georgette’ sleeveless green dress.


I know, after the pandemic situation the whole world faced, you may feel like not enjoying partying as you used to, and there is nothing to ‘cheer you up’ more than a  with floral motifs, which is considered the most positive pattern of them all.

We’re recommending Our ‘Matilde’ floral evening dress that is great to showcase your neckline and arms since it features a strapless bust shape, which is known as the most figure-flattering form. While the bottom of this floral mini dress features details such as green beads underneath, along with the straps, silver rhinestones and floral motifs that are woven in a very special way..

If you’re planning to attend any cocktail parties, nothing would turn heads more than a floral cocktail dress.



Why choose this short strapless green dress? 

Due to the sophisticated shape, it is obvious this strapless green dress for party rather than fancy cocktail and parties can be worn at black-tie formal events too, and we guarantee nothing would turn heads more than you in a strapless green dress for cocktails. 

                        A WALKING BOUQUET in a short strapless green dress




Flowers and Summer, Flowers and Summer, and there's nothing more intertwined that's why florals are a must for those bright, summery days! And we have the perfect one sleeve green dress because you don’t wanna wear the same LBD dress do you? 

Our ‘Flor’ one sleeve green dress features a sophisticated one long sleeve along with the straps that are wrapped from the shoulder to the back of the neck, along with the green beads, sequins and colorful floral sequins that are mostly set at the underbust to continue so in the entire lower part of this short green dress creating so a balanced elegant look. 

Where to wear this one sleeve green dress?
Due to the sophisticated shape this dress with green beads detail has besides fancy partys can be worn at more formal events, like wedding celebration, prom night or any special occasion you may have. No matter the occasion, in this short green dress for party you’ll look elegant and trendy! Show off your curves in this green dress with sequins with a fitted silhouette, for endless summer nights! 



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