What is a draped dress?

For those who are unfamiliar, a draped dress is a design created by manipulating fabric on a dress form.What makes it even more creative is that interesting designs usually emerge during the creation process. They come in an array of fabrics, lengths, and cuts and are adorned with various details. A draped dress is good for any age because you can change or add any detail to the dress.

For those who aren’t already "notified" and those obsessed head over toe with draped dresses, keep reading because we’ve selected the most interesting pieces for you.


Yes, green is a very fashionable color, but it is also the perfect holiday hue to celebrate springtime and other important dates. but also suitable for other occasions, such as weddings! If you’re looking for the perfect bridesmaid dress, this green draped dress is the best option out there. one of our top dresses of the moment. It features underbust green sequins and is folded at the waist, which flatters the tummy area. One of the greatest things about this green draped dress is that when it comes to shoes, there are a lot of options to choose from to combine with it, starting from: silver, gold, brown, black, white, and we almost forgot the earth tones, in either a nude or beige shade.


It’s something about earth tones that just gives them an understated elegance. If you plan to wear all-naked, which is a great idea because mixing earth tone shades together gives you a classy and ladylike look. You just need to be careful to get it right.

How should this naked draped dress be accessorized?

Jewelry: Rose Gold to Rose will bring the entire look together with this draped dress. 
Purse: If you’re planning to wear a neutral bag to combine with this naked draped dress, then you’re on the right track. 
Lip shade: Opt for darker shades, and it’s recommended not to wear a lip shade any lighter than the dress shade.


To be different than the others takes courage, which often results in an amazing result. This is understood by knowing your style and which body parts you should expose more and which less. We’re suggesting this olive satin draped dress that’s detailed with gold sequins and olive rhinestone details on the bust. The bottom part is folded in order to emphasize your waist and thigh parts more. A lot of you may not know that, but olive represents sophistication, and this olive satin draped dress is all about sophistication and glam!

Olive is known as a neutral color that matches well with a lot of colors, like warm blues, oranges, or complementary reds and violets. If you want to go for a more natural look with this olive satin draped dress, try navy and light gray. 


Sometimes all you need is a dress to make a statement without being loud, since when the dress is one of a kind, no one really looks at what kind of hairstyle you wore.

Feathers are making a comeback, but they really never went out of fashion. If you’re in doubt about what to wear for your birthday party or for that fancy cocktail party, nothing says it more than this draped purple feather dress. Purple symbolizes femininity and luxury, so choosing a bit of color for your outfit totally makes a statement and will give you that effortless look.


Sometimes just one glamorous detail is not enough, so why not opt for a dress with all the details? And this pink draped dress has it all. Pink sequin details mix with front cuts on the top of the bust, and the entire dress is made of pink satin. To add that last glamorous touch, this pink draped dress also features one sleeve.



This light blue dress with tulle shoulders can be worn to a variety of events, including high-value events, prom, engagement parties, and any other special occasions. Nothing makes a truer statement than wearing a light blue dress with a side tulle tail. This flattering light blue dress with tulle shoulders has a flattering shade that is subtle and will make you look fresh, youthful, and feminine.


One of a kind & fancy in a glamourous party dress...

We all know how important it is to choose the perfect color. If you’re into brighter shades, you can opt for a blue, which is a very unique and extraordinary color. Nothing speaks more glam than sparkly details; they just complete the dress and add that last finishing touch. If you're hunting for that perfect detailed, unique bust dress, than this blue dress with lace and sequins is a must! This blue dress with ruffles on the bust is more than just a glamorous party dress; it can also be worn as a "birthday glam dress" or to win prom queen! 

         Add a blue dress with lace and sequins to your wardrobe!



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