There are a lot of things a woman should consider when buying a dress.

Is that dress good enough to rewear on multiple occasions? What makes a dress comfortable? What are the three key elements of comfort clothing? and a lot of numerous questions that just pop into your head.

A lot of you probably asked yourself or others around you, "Can you wear a dress more than once?" This is a very "sensitive" topic, and if we start talking in detail, we would run out of time. But we are not leaving some things unsaid.

There’ still a stigma attached to wearing the same dress on multiple occasions. I mean, as long as you don’t wear it to the same event twice, it’s totally okay. Just some little "modifications," and by these modifications I mean different accessories or hairstyles, which play a huge role in the look. perfect "solution," especially if you’re on a budget.

If you have doubts about wearing the same dress, just remind yourself that Queen Elizabeth, Kate Middleton, Tiffany Haddish, and Meghan Markle wore their favorite items on repeat. Speaking of royals, let's stop at the most "talked about" royal, Meghan Markle. 

She has completely 'mastered' wearing the same outfit without making it seem boring. If you remember the Veronica Beard button-down midi blue dress she wore during the 2019 royal tour of South Africa, she still wore the exact same dress last year on her royal tour of Australia, FIji, Tonga and New Zealand. 

Will anyone notice that you're wearing the same dress twice? NBD, they will even ask where you got the dress, and it's better for the planet (if this is one of the things that concern you) 

Nothing speaks glamour like dresses with crystals, beads, and stones, which are probably our signature look. But it's something else when you can dance easily in a dress that still has that MINNA signature glamour. And this was the moment when the "CHAOCHIC" collection "came to life."
a combination of bold hues, eye-catching prints, versatile sleeves adorned with handcrafted floral motifs, and our signature glam that adds the finishing touch.



If you like green, well, who doesn't like green? It brings out your personality like no other color, especially for all the blondes out there.

If you're planning to attend a special occasion and you're looking for something different, something that will allow you to dance freely while still looking extremely chic, the "ETHER" wide sleeve green dress is it! What’s so special about this unique short dress? Definitely RUFFLES. Ruffles placed at the bottom of the dress and at the sleeves too are adorned with exquisite sequins, which are gathered more at the neck before spreading throughout the dress.




We are not straying too far from shades of green, even for a bit. The ‘DE’EESSE’  lime green short dress is undoubtedly for bold women who are not afraid to put on a dress with ‘confrontations." And by "confrontations," we mean the blue embellishment that glamorizes the vibrant hues of smooth floral lime green fabric. This high neck green lime dress features too ruffles which are placed at the bottom of the dress and at the wide sleeves.


''Blue embellishment glamorize the vibrant hues of lime green''



There is an old saying out there: "You are what you wear." This may be true in some situations since the colors that we choose to wear are an expression of both how we are feeling and how we would like to feel. Who wouldn’t want to wear something similar in vibrant hues? Specifically, our wonderful "SAVOIR-FAIRE" short orange dress.What makes "SAVOIR-FAIRE" so special?

Those intricate shimmering details swirl through smooth floral orange, as ruffle details accent a youthful feminine personality. You may be perplexed about the hairstyle to match a dress with wide sleeves and ruffles; we recommend a lower bun style to keep the wide sleeves and ruffles in balance.


Intricate shimmering details swirl through smooth floral orange, as ruffle details accentuate youthful feminine personality.



Step into the FLORAL LUSH world

There are certain periods in life when you want to "reach" that chic, effortless look. And to be honest, that’s not easy to achieve.

But leave this matter in the hands of professionals, i.e., us. One of the main reasons "CHAOCHIC" is about for sure is EFFORTLESS CHIC.  And the unmistakable answer is: FLORALS, FLORALS, FLORALS!

We’re recommending our "FLORAL LUSH" short floral pink dress, which is any occasion fit, making you feel comfortable while at the same time sexy as it includes a transparent tulle silhouette. And when it comes to accessories, we've got you, girl. Nothing is more fashionable than a monochromatic floral look. You can match the floral LUSH dress with the standout floral LUSH bag and a pair of beige heels.



Floral velvet print, embellished hand-crafted floral motifs, refined cuts, and versatile sleeves make The MINNA woman come alive.

New Year, new me! It is never too late to try new things, and this should not be done only when the years change. If you’re into florals but prefer something that includes that ‘'casual glam" look too, the "FLORAL LUSH" two-piece set is the one you’re looking for!


Besides the iridescent textures, vibrant hues are key when it comes to dresses with an exotic vibe.

We immediately imagine an exotic, divine place. So why don’t we carry this imagination further? If you’re into a two-piece set, our "EXCOTIC ESCAPE" front slit dress is the most chic and versatile choice out there. A two-piece set dress can also be worn in all seasons.

Since the dress features wide, versatile long sleeves, it is appropriate for the cold season too, but it is also suitable for warmer days as the sleeves are light and loose. And don't forget about the other advantages of a two-piece set: you can wear and combine these pieces with other outfits while saving space in your suitcase.

Besides the iridescent textures, vibrant hues are key when it comes to dresses with an exotic vibe. We immediately imagine an exotic, divine place. So why don't we carry this imagination further? If you're into a two-piece set, our "EXCOTIC ESCAPE" front slit dress is the most chic and versatile choice out there. A Two-piece set dress can also be worn in all seasons. 

ESSENTIAL FACT: THE EXCOTIC ESCAPE is available in two different prints!


Blue embellished floral inspiration with wide sleeves exudes effortless glamour.

Okay, it’s time to move on to long haute couture dresses. Before purchasing a straight fitted dress, there are some things you should consider:

  • Body shape: It's critical to know the right tricks no matter what shape your body takes—strawberry, pear, or apple.
  • The right colors—some hues just don’t match with your skin, and that’s totally okay. But if you insist, for example, on those specific hues, just make sure to find the right accessories. If your skin has warmer tones, opt for vibrant hues like red, orange, or yellow, while for skins with darker tones, we recommend opting for hues like white, black,  jewel, and grey tones.

If primary colors are your thing, then try blue this time since it was trendy in 2022 and will continue to be in 2023. Blue is regarded as the supreme color of royalty.

Imagine this: you’re wearing a piece of clothing inspired by the mystic underwater world, our "MARMORIS" & ‘MARMORIS CHIC’.

During the creation of the "CHAOCHIC" Collection, we thought of coming up with two kinds of dresses with blue floral embellished prints. If you’re planning to attend a high-value event or a more special occasion in the ‘MARMORIS’ fitted blue dress, you’ll be the star of the evening. Meanwhile, the ‘MARMOIS CHIC’ white dress with blue stones speaks "glamour chic," which can also be worn at some more formal occasions too. So, how about the clutch? You can combine this outfit with our ‘MARMORIS CLUTCH’ which features the same unique floral blue with stone print.

Captivating 'MARMORIS'

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