2023 Valentine’s Day Best Deals

2023 Valentine’s Day Best Deals

Once again, you found yourself single on Valentine's Day? So what?

Don’t worry, you’re not the only one. I mean, do we even have to worry? You may be single by choice; you may be tired of "red flag surplus," and you don’t want to get involved and waste energy on situationships. Or it's just not the right time for you, and you haven't met the right person yet.

In this generation, dating is becoming more and more difficult. Perhaps social media and the "diversity" they offer, or maybe the greed to find a better partner. But there are many reasons, and we can never find a solid one to blame for the state of our "status."  Because sometimes we are the problem ourselves, i.e., keeping Taylor Swift's "Anti-Hero" lyrics in mind. (It’s me! (Hi, I’m the problem; it’s me!)

Anyway, let's put the excuses aside, here are some of the 2023 Valentine's Day Best Deals

What’s a better gift than an LRD?

If you just started dating and don’t want to overdo it with gifts, we suggest a pair of heels. If you bought her a dress last time, it’s time to try something new this time. After all, who wouldn’t want to accept a pair of red heels as a gift?

If there’s a better combination than beige and red, please tell us that too. Beige is a great backdrop for a vibrant color like red. Considering this combination is so perfect, we have the right tips to take a closer look, both as a gift for someone else and for yourself. (Self-love is the best love; we’ll get to that part later.)

We’re recommending the "KLEO" haute couture short gold dress if this time you want to move away from vibrant colors. And it will be easier when it comes to matching the accessories.


And for those, who have already found their soulmate and are enjoying a "healthy, stable" relationship, we’re suggesting something so impressive to not just wear but to gift someone. The word is for something that automatically makes you the main character, whenever you decide to wear it or gift it. Ta-da! The "Regina" short red dress.

If you are not into the signature red Valentine’s dress, yet you still want to stay in these shades, the burgundy colors are the best! We recommend our Vida short burgundy dress, which has a one-shoulder design, a short front tail, and a low back.

Why is this short sequin burgundy dress the one? Due to the combination of satin and exquisite sequins, you can wear this for different events, both simple ones and more glamorous ones.
For those who are not romantic, that’s not a problem at all. You can wear black for V-Day! Yes, black, if we go by the rules.

We can talk all day about colors, but nothing saves you time and suits you better than a little black dress, the ultimate closet staple. Why not go with a bold choice like the "Jocelyn" short black dress?

Did you know that the colors associated with Valentine's Day each have their own meaning?

The color red represents "both hearts are in love," the color blue represents "inviting love applicants," and the color green represents "waiting for you." Black means the proposal was rejected by someone; white means "I am already committed;" orange means "just going for the proposal," pink means "accepting the proposal," grey or purple means "not interested," yellow means "breaking up," and brown means "heartbroken." But if you do not relate to any of these, this does not mean that you should not wear your favorite color.

Self love is the best love as I mentioned earlier, and her majesty Miley Cyrus reminded us of again, with her latest song "FLOWERS". She chose to publish it on her ex’s birthday (a Sagittarius right there) as a response to Bruno Mars’s "When I Was Your Man."

I can buy myself flowers, of course you can! But some of us prefer flowers differently. If you’re worried about your flowers dying, a 
floral dress
will last forever.

We have plenty of floral dresses to suggest, but it all depends on the event and the style. If you're planning to attend a more fancy event, we suggest our "Leota" flower dress.

If flowers aren’t your thing, you can wear a MINNA cherry-red dress  to match the roses that he left. Another great artist we grew up with her songs, Shakira dedicated a song to her ex, which speaks also for how good she’s doing now that they are apart.

And guess how the betrayal was revealed just by believing her intuition, which turns out to be true?  And as women, we should always trust our intuition, even when it comes to buying a glamorous dress. A woman should never feel guilty about buying such dresses.

A MINNA dress will be there for you whenever, wherever.

My hips don’t lie!


My ‘in·tu·i·tion’ don’t lie!

Okay, but how do I look pretty on Valentine’s Day? No matter how big you are on self-love, a bad outfit can ruin the whole look. Especially when you have planned to go out with the love of your life.

You can choose to wear typical Valentine’s Day colors, red and pink, or try out a more elegant classic look, or why not risk it all with red and handcrafted details? more specifically, the "Tiara" shoulderless dress, which is sculpted in a sophisticated corset, as well as the embellished sequins and beads that add the perfect finishing touch to the vibrant hues of the dress's bottom.






What matters most is for you to feel comfortable with yourself. And whether you celebrate Valentine’s Day or not, why not treat yourself to something fancy at a great price? It’s haute couture. If you’re into long dresses, we recommend taking a look at the "Lustrous" fitted long dress which features velvet and unique handcrafted details that are just out of this world.
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