What is the estimated duration of the dress-making process?

The duration required for the completion of a dress is contingent upon its complexity. Concerning the timeframe, a rough estimate would suggest that the production process typically takes between one to two weeks.

Could you please inform me whether your company offers custom-made dresses?

It is our customary practice to adhere to our proprietary designs, which have been created exclusively by our team of seasoned designers. Given the extensive range of options available to our clients, it is our preference to rely on these designs rather than embark on custom-made projects. We regret to inform you that the success of a custom-made dress cannot be guaranteed, since it diverges from our original designs, and as a result, we cannot offer a refund for such items. However, if you are resolute in your preferences and wish to proceed with a custom-made dress, we would be pleased to oblige, with the caveat that it is non-refundable upon completion.

Are the dresses offered in standardized sizes, or are they individually crafted according to the customer's body measurements?

Our dressmaking process involves tailoring each dress to the client's specific body measurements to ensure a perfect fit. However, for customers who prefer standard sizing, we also offer dresses in sizes small, medium, and large

Can you please explain to me the process of measuring for the dresses?

To ensure that we create the perfect fit, we provide our clients with a list of measurements that we require. We respectfully advise that you obtain accurate measurements from a qualified tailor in order to ensure precise measurements. Please be advised that we cannot assume responsibility for any discrepancies or inaccuracies in measurements provided by the customer. Size guide document download here.

Is it possible to cancel or modify my order, and if so, what is the process?

Our company offers a full refund if the cancellation of an order is made within 24 hours. Furthermore, minor adjustments such as adding a slit or one sleeve can be made to the dresses, provided that these modifications do not result in significant alterations from the original design. For more information on our Returns Policy and Refund Policy, please click here: https://minna.shop/policies/refund-policy

When can i expect the product to be restocked and available for purchase again?

For restocked products, we would like to inquire about your desired timeline for receiving the dress. This will allow us to acquire the necessary materials in advance and plan the dress-making process accordingly to ensure timely delivery