How much does the process of making a dress take?

From the complexity of the dress, it depends. Approximately, it takes 1 to 2 weeks.

Do you do custom made dresses?

Usually, preferred to stick in our own design since we have plenty of them, designed uniquely by our professional designers. We cannot guarantee that custom-made dresses will turn out the way clients expect since they are not our designs anymore. Therefore, the custom-made dresses are non-refundable. If you are sure in your preferences and would like to go ahead with the custom-made dress, then we can for sure just note that it is not refundable after it is done.

Do the dresses come in size, or they are premade?

The dresses are pre-made based on the client's body measurements, otherwise we can also make the dresses on standard sizes e.g.: (S, M, L).

How do you take the measurements?

We send to the client a list of measurements we require, and clients usually get to measure by the tailor or by themselves at home if they already have a measuring tape. It is an easy and simple way (check our size guide here).

Can I cancel or modify an order?

Within 24 hours for a full refund. We can make small changes to the dresses, (add a slit, one sleeve), changes that would not make a huge difference from the original version. For more information on our Returns Policy, Refund policy – Minna Fashion (minnafashionks.myshopify.com)

Where are the dress manufacturers?

The dresses are designed and produced in Kosovo, using only exclusive and handmade fabric.