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We enjoy any reason to dress up. Whether it's a milestone celebration or a lavish party, formal dresses are required when Instagram stories and phone cameras record the entire event. With so many events and reasons to celebrate, summer formal dresses will keep you looking lovely while staying cool on hot summer nights. Prepare to look your best with Minna’s collection, and explore further to see which dress is perfect for any occasion.

What Formal Dresses Are There?

Summer formal dresses mix the hues of spring with the warmth of summer, offering a gorgeous fashion cocktail. From flowery flowing skirts to sophisticated evening gowns, they are sure to make you feel confident. But what types of formal dresses are there, and how do they match specific occasions?

Formal Mini Dresses

There is no better time to wear a formal short dress than in the summer. With so many events and reasons to celebrate this season, short dresses that hit mid-thigh will keep you looking lovely while staying cool on hot summer nights. We adore these styles for any occasion where you may let loose on the dance floor, whether at a wedding reception or a nightclub. 

If you want to highlight your curvy form, opt for a little black dress with a bodycon fit. Search for playful elements like ruffles, cutouts, glitter, or a floral applique to liven up an otherwise simple item. Formal mini-dresses are always fun and flirty, complementing all body shapes. Complete your party outfit with a stylish, colorful purse or hefty accessories.

Special Occasion Dresses

Dresses with a length that hits below the knee are ideal for a deeply personal evening event, such as a candlelit dinner with your boyfriend or a darkly lit rooftop lounge with a close group of friends. 

Bring out your sensual side with a body-hugging midi dress with a leg slit because we all know body-hugging midi dresses may be tough to move around in at times. You can also try a daring deep v or sweetheart neckline to highlight your best features. If this isn't your taste, try a slinky and silky dress for a more refined look for the evening.

Fancy Long Dresses

Allow your inner party girl to shine on the season's most formal event. These gorgeous long dresses will make you feel like a celebrity on the red carpet. Experiment with different colors and necklines, such as an off-the-shoulder and a sweetheart neckline, while keeping the silhouette streamlined with a fit and flare design. 

Fabric choice can also influence how formal a dress appears. Crepe textiles are basic and pleasant, whereas glitter, silk, and lace fabrics draw the most attention. Don't be afraid to dazzle; this is your night to shine. Accessorize with as many rhinestones as you can bear, from glittering earrings to a delicate purse.

Pearl Dresses

Coco Chanel, a fashion pioneer, established a groundbreaking trend by putting pearls into garments, cementing their place as a symbol of everlasting elegance. Today, Minna’s magnificent combination of crystals and pearls, carefully embroidered with these exquisite stones, exemplifies luxury and sophistication. 

Whether you're looking for pearl dresses for a wedding or simple yet stunning midi pearl dresses for a first date, these pieces provide a touch of luxury to your everyday wardrobe. Leave a string of magic with Minna's astonishing dresses, which are embellished with two delicate strings of pearls delicately hanging from the back.

Styling Summer Formal Dresses

Now that you know what kind of summer formal dresses there are, you may be wondering how to style them. When styling a formal dress, there are a few things to consider:

A-line and fit-and-flare dresses are both appealing silhouettes for modest formal attire. They will assist to accentuate your waistline and create a feminine silhouette.

Then, make sure to spend some time choosing the perfect neckline. A modest formal dress can have a variety of necklines, such as a high, boat, or V-neckline. Choose a neckline that is both comfortable and flattering to your body type.

Remember that the right accessories may elevate your formal clothing and make you look even more professional. Lastly, note that color is a major concern when shopping for evening gowns. You want a hue that appears rich while still making you stand out and look gorgeous. For formal occasions, adhere to classic hues such as navy, black, and jewel.

When it comes to Minna, we ensure that our designs combine elegance and ease, resulting in gowns customized to your tastes and comfort. Our summer formal dresses are expertly constructed from soothing fabrics like satin, chiffon, and silk, making them pleasant to wear for extended periods of time. So, shop now and find the right one for you!


1. What sizes are available for your evening dresses? 

Our dresses cater to different body types, with sizes ranging from XS to XL. Please refer to each dress’ size chart for more information. 

2. Can I customize a dress to fit my body? 

Yes, we offer customization for our dresses. When purchasing a dress, contact our team with more details on your preferred size, and we’ll get it ready for you. 

3. Do you offer international shipping for your spring dresses? 

Yes, we offer international shipping for all our dresses. Shipping and delivery times vary depending on the destination, but orders are 100% secure and reliable.