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Collection: Strapless Prom Dress Collection

Minna’s new collection is here to make your prom night as memorable as can be. Prom nights are a right of passage, and Minna’s prom dresses will walk the steps with you through this magical night. Whether you want to radiate charm in a light floral dress or exude mystery and sophistication, Minna’s strapless prom dress collection has got your back. 

Say Goodbye with Radiance in Your Strapless Prom Dress

Our new collection is not just about dresses, it’s also about prom-goers looking to leave a lasting impression. As you step into the ballroom to gather with your friends and embrace this unforgettable night, Minna’s dress will make sure you steal the spotlight. 

Channel Your Carefree Attitude 

We created this line for women who like to feel liberated and confident. Strapless dresses often symbolize playfulness and breaking free. They make a bold fashion statement, offering freedom of movement, which is ideal for dancing the night away. 

Revel in Unmatched Versatility

Our strapless prom dresses come in various styles, from ball gowns, mermaid dresses, a-line dresses, fit-and-flare dresses, and sleek sheath dresses. Our hybrid one-shoulder strapless dresses, such as the Alma dress, with delicate black stones, express a touch of modernity.

Enjoy Jewelry-ready Glamour  

We know that an amazing necklace or a pair of timeless earrings can go a long way to adding extra flavor to your look. These strapless prom dresses draw attention to the shoulders, which makes them perfect for showcasing shoulder-grazing earrings. You can also try an amazing necklace that heightens your look from elegant to extraordinary. 

Express Your Divine Feminine

Since strapless dresses accentuate the neckline and shoulders, they celebrate the inherent beauty of the female form, which allows you to embrace and express your divine feminine. What makes strapless dresses timeless is their magical ability to transcend fashion trends.

Embrace Artistry and Craftsmanship

Behind every strapless prom dress lies a team of dedicated tailors who, with their tireless dedication, make the designs come to life. We believe that details either make or break the dress, so our tailors also have a keen eye for details. From carefully shaping the bodice to hand-sewing intricate ornamentations, every step is filled with passion for the final result. 

Play Up With Your Shoes

Our strapless prom dresses come in all lengths, some brushing generously across the floor and others barely skimming your upper thigh.  If your dress is short, you can always draw attention to your shoes. Depending on how comfortable you are in heels, you can choose some flashy peep-toe pumps or stilettos to prance the night away.


What is the right dress for my body type?

Different body shapes exist, and our designers do their best to emphasize your silhouette and select dress styles that accentuate your best features. If you have an apple body shape, look for ways to add definition to your waist and hips. A-line, ball gowns, and empire dresses are suitable for you. Avoid halter, heavily decorated, and off-the-shoulder dresses.

On the other hand, if your body shape is hourglass, look for styles that enhance your natural curves. Dress shapes like empire, sheath, ball gown, and especially mermaid are perfect for you. Ultimately, you choose whatever you feel confident in, as that’s what truly matters.

What fabrics are used in your dresses?

Since all that work goes into our dresses to achieve the desired results, we use the best fabrics, too. The most used fabrics for prom dresses are chiffon, satin, jersey, tulle, lace, velvet, organza, and taffeta. They are comfortable and elegant, perfect for you.

Do you offer personalized recommendations for choosing strapless prom dresses?

We’re dedicated to seeing our customers happy and satisfied. We make sure their shopping experience meets all their needs, so they can find the perfect dress for their special night.

Our team is here to assist you every step of the way, from selecting the ideal silhouette to choosing the perfect color to complement your skin tone to accessorizing your dress. All you need is a schedule with us, and we will curate the look that brings out the best in you.